World War Two RC Planes

World War Two RC planes from small electric RC planes, to the larger multi  RC engine powered WW2 warbirds are discussed. RC kits are shown, along with the latest ARF and RTF RC airplanes.    

In 1939, at the start of WW2, aviation was in a state of flux. The biplane single seat fighter had reached the ultimate development point.

The Gloster Gladiator is a prime example. With an enclosed cockpit and 4 machine guns, it did serve briefly, at the start of the conflict. The 3 Sea Gladiators that bravely defended Malta, are remembered as "Faith, Hope and Charity"

The photo above shows the Gladiator.

Another remarkable biplane, that served for the duration of the war, was the Fairey Swordfish. Known affectionately to it's Fleet Air Arm's pilots as the "Stringbag", it was able to deliver a torpedo with deadly accuracy.

However, the biplane was soon to be replaced by the single seat, monoplane fighter. The Royal Air Force was soon equipped with the Hawker Hurricane and the Supermarine Spitfire. Both of these warbirds were powered by the Rolls Royce Merlin.

Germany had the Messerschmitt Me 109 monoplane fighter and the USA soon developed it's own range of fighter and bomber aircraft.

At the end of World War Two, the jet fighter was just starting service. The Royal Air Force was flying the Gloster Meteor and Germany had the  Messerschmitt Me 262.

This photo shows the Messerschmitt Me 262. I have seen a few WW2 RC planes that make impressive models of this early jet.

There is no doubt that WW2 RC planes are very popular subjects. They are available in all sizes and range from the very simplest park flyer, through some of the best ARF RC airplanes, to the highly detailed scale masterpieces, seen at the major scale contests.

Below you will see some of the best types of RC warbirds available today.

The JU87 Stuka

The Stuka was used very effectively, at the beginning of the war, as a dive-bomber. It was used largely as a support for the German ground troops and was equipped with a siren that created a characteristic "Wailing" sound. This had the effect of terrorizing the unfortunate people on the ground!

This ARF RC airplane , by BH models spans 75 6" and has a finished weight of 12/13 lbs.

A 4-stroke RC engine, of from .91 to 1.20 is required or full details are provided for electric power.

Construction is of conventional balsa and ply, with a printed film covering.


Take a look at this page for details of the Junkers JU87 Stuka.

RC Warbirds of World War Two

How to select from the many war birds available.

 From small Park Flyers to Quarter Scale RC. RC kits, the ARF RC airplane and RC airplane plans are discussed.


Visit this page for full details on RC Warbirds.

The P-47 Thunderbolt

One of the most popular WW2 RC planes, is the Thunderbolt.


Many RC versions of the P-47 Thunderbolt  are described, along with a brief history of the full size Republic p-47 and links to the best World War Two warbird sites, featuring the P-47.


Visit this page for more details on the P-47 Thunderbolt.

The P-40 Warhawk

More than 13,000 Warhawks served in World War Two. Here you will find many versions, from small electric powered to the larger glow and gas powered versions.

Take a look at this page for more details of the P-40 Warhawk.

CLICK HERE to visit the page devoted to the Top Flite P-40 Giant Scale ARF

The P-51 Mustang

Maybe the most famous scale model of WW 2. The very popular RC Mustang. Many RC models are described here. Take a look at the page "RC Mustang", for a wide range of types.

This is one of the best flying ww2 RC planes.

The Parkzone RC Corsair

Of all the WW2 warbids available from Parkzone RC airplanes, this is maybe, the best looking to date.

Available completely ready to fly, right from the box. The RTF version comes with a Spektrum 5 channel RC transmitter.

For full details visit the page "RC Corsair"

The Ultra Micro F4U Corsair by Parkzone

This mini Corsair can be flown indoors, in a gym or outdoors in a dead calm. Either way it is great fun!

Available as a RTF or a BNF WW2 RC plane. For more information visit the page "F4U Corsair."

The Vought Corsair: Top Flite's 60 and giant scale RC airplane ARFs

Both of these kite are described on this page, as well as the accessories, to complete a great WW2 plane.

The E-Flite RC Spitfire Mk X1V 1.2m BNF Basic

The E-Flite RC Spitfire 1.2M

E-Flite has introduced this all foam Spitfire and it features switchable "SAFE" technology that results in a gyro stabilized flight pattern that makes this model easier to fly 

Click here for more details

The E-Flite Hawker Hurricane

Unfortunately this model has been discontinued but we keep the page for those interested in this model. Click here to visit the page.

The Freewing RC de Havilland Mosquito

Freewing RC Mosquito flying

Click here or on the photo, to visit the page dedicated to this "Foam Wonder"

Quite large at 55 in. wing span and rugged electric retracts.

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