The Mr RC Sound System

The Mr RC Sound System can be simply installed in your RC electric flyer! The smallest and lightest sound module, with authentic engine sounds, is now available.

Now speaker less!

Please note that MR RC Sound units are no longer available!

Mr RC Sound V4.1 unit

Now you can really wow your club mates at the flying field! The Mr RC Sound System, is small and light enough to install in your RC park flyer! Models with wing spans as low as 31 in. (787mm) can now sound just like a full size plane.

Many flyers think that gas engines sound more authentic than a four stoke, now you can win that discussion by being 100% scale!

The modules are hooked up, via a Y-harness, to the throttle channel and the sound features authentic "tick-over" and start up sounds as well as the full throated roar of real airplane engines. Sounds are fully proportional to throttle stick position and also feature a full shut down sequence.

Choices for sounds currently are Lycoming, Merlin, Continental, Daimler Benz 601, Pratt and Whitney Double Wasp, a generic turbine and more. Other sound options will be added later. (See below for more details)

 2.4GHz radios are recommended as the older 72 MHz RC radios are prone to interference from the amplifier module.

As well as the awesome engine sounds available, gun and cannon sounds are also possible along with synchronized LEDs. So now you can strafe the runway at your local club field!

Mr RC Sound TT-25 transducer

Latest News - Now Speakerless!

The latest technology for the system is the TT-25 transducer. By using this unit no speakers are required!

The transducer is peel and stick mounted, to the inside of the fuselage and the whole fuselage becomes a speaker.

No "cheater" hole is needed for the sound to escape and the sound volume is comparable and in some instances exceeds, the sound output of the Max2-SPL speaker previously used.

RC Sound Videos

RC Engine Sound Video

Take a look at this video, and you will see and hear the effects possible with the Mr RC sound system.


The first one shows a Bucker Jungmann as well as a P-51 Mustang. 

Note: These show the older V3 system-the sounds are much better with the new V4.1!

RC Sound  Install Video

This film gives us a good idea, of how simple these units are to install.


This also shows the latest TT-25 transducer.

The  Range of  Sound Systems Available

The Aspire Module

The Mr RC Sound Aspire module

Price of a Complete MR Sound Aspire Sound Unit
$159.99 plus shipping

Good for RC airplanes of 1000mm wingspan or more.

Why You'll Love the Latest Technology
Aspire Module

The Aspire module is the latest technology, with quality sound and more features to make your model even more realistic!

The Aspire produces true scale sound from start-up, through idle and up to full throttle.

I love it when I taxi back to the pits, after a good flight and reduce the throttle to the stop position and hear the "engine" spit and pop to a standstill!

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The Mr RC Sound Aspire module

The 4.1 Base Unit

This is an older design, but will still give great results at a lower price.

Now with a greatly reduced price!

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MR RC Sound V4.1 Advertisement logo

Price of a Complete MR Sound V4.1 Sound Unit
$119.99 plus shipping

Ultra Unit

If you fly large RC model airplanes, then the "Ultra" is the system for you. Comes with 4 transducers and a separate amplifier. For sure this will generate enough sound!

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Mr RC Sound V4.1 Ultra unit

Price of a Complete MR RC Sound Ultra Sound Unit 
$207.95 plus shipping

RC Cars and Trucks

If cars or trucks are your thing then you will love these units that will add that extra dimension to your driving!

Note: There are 8 selectable sounds of different cars and trucks. "Shift points" are included to give the effect of going through the gears.

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Mr RCSound Car & Truck ad

Price of a Complete MR RC Sound V4.1 for Cars & Trucks 
$119.99 plus shipping

RC Boats

Now a special RC sound system is available for boats. 

5 different boat sounds are available, as well as an auxiliary sound that can be activated by a separate RC transmitter switch (like a bell or a whistle).

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Mr RC Sound Boat version advertisement

Price of a Complete MR RC Sound V4.1 Boat Unit
$119.99 plus shipping

RC Helicopters

Scale RC Helicopter in hover

There is now an RC sound system especially for RC electric helicopters.

Up to 5 different scale helicopter sounds are available (including a turbine).

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Price of a Complete MR RC Sound V4.1 Helicopter Unit
$119.99 plus shipping

Alternate Sound Packs for V4.1 Base Unit

If the standard RC sound system does not include your preferred engine, then possibly one of the four sound packs listed here may satisfy. Please note that these are add-on PCB modules and not a complete system. The existing PCB module must be removed and replaced with the new one ( Easy to do-just take your time and follow the instructions) 

Click or tap on any of the images below for full details. Hover mouse to see engine types.

WW2 engine sound pack for Mr RC Sound V4.1 base unit
Multi engine sound pack for Mr RC Sound V4.1 base unit
WW1 and vintage engine sound pack for Mr RC Sound V4.1 base unit
Mixed engine sound pack for Mr RC Sound V4.1 base unit

Alternate Sound Packs for Aspire Unit

Please note that these modules must be exchanged with the PCB chip in the Aspire module. These are NOT complete sound units!

Mr RC Sound Jet sound pack moduleAspire Jets

Mr RC Sound Multi engine sound pack moduleAspire Multi Engine
Mr RC Sound WW2 engine sound pack moduleAspire WW2

Hover your mouse over the above images to see the sounds incorporated into the module.

Adaptors & Leads etc.

Mr RCSound Accessories advertisement

Click here to visit the page with all the details. Hover your mouse over the image to see a list of items.

Extra items required

  • A Servo "Y" connector may be required, if a computer radio is not available.
  • A power "Y" connector, with matching connectors for your system.
  • That's it! Everything else is included with your unit.

Installation of the Mr RC Sound System

Full mounting instructions are included with every system, but here are a few notes that may help.

  • Keep the unit as close to the CG (balance point) as possible and be SURE to check the balance point prior to flying!
  • Soldering is required to make a power "Y" connector. A normal "Y" connector is used to connect the RC sound system to the throttle channel of the receiver. Note that adapters to fit the most popular connecters are now available! Click here for details.
  • If you use a computer radio then a spare channel can be used and mixed with the throttle channel, then no radio "Y" connector is required.
  • Note that the system uses the LiPo battery of the airplane. Power draw is at a minimum, so flight times will not be affected dramatically.
  • Take a look at the above video to see a typical installation procedure.

Please note that MR RC Sound units are no longer available!