Drone Technology Simplified

The modern drone is of great interest today. Take a look at what is readily available and features you need to be successful. Aerobatics,camera drones etc.

Know Before You Fly

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The Blade Chroma camera drone.The Blade Chroma camera UAV

Today's quadcopter is readily available and cost can range from less than twenty dollars to thousands of bucks!

If you want to get your feet wet, with this fascinating branch of the hobby, take a look below, at the models available in various types.

Almost every UAV you can buy today, comes with some form of gyro stability system, that makes flying easier to fully automatic. The more expensive multirotors feature GPS, which in combination with sophisticated gyro systems gives the ability to "Return home" and automatically land as well as hover in one position and compensate for wind etc. (Essential for the serious photographer)

Besides the word "Drone"you will come across other names, such as Quadcopter, Multirotor, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or maybe Quadricopter.

Some of these model names will contain the letters "RTF" this means that the unit comes Ready To Fly and the only thing extra you may need to buy is a second battery so you can swap out and fly again.

Another term you may see is "BNF" this means Bind And Fly and you can use your existing compatable transmitter.


Eachine Quadcopter

The biggest thing about this model, is the title! This mini weighs about 20 grams and is 110mm( 4.33in.) from tip to tip.

It comes complete with transmitter and everything else needed to fly. The most impressive feature is the price at $21.99 USD!

The Aerobatic Drone: The Blade Nano QX 3D RTF

Blade Nano QX 3DBlade Nano QX3D hovering inverted

If 3D flying with a multi rotor is what you are looking for, then look no further!

The Blade Nano QX 3D is designed just for that.

High speed flips,hair pin turns and inverted flight are all possible.

The Camera UAV

The Blade Chroma hovering

Buy now

Here we have the Blade Chroma. It comes in many forms from RTF , with and without camera to the basic machine.

All versions feature GPS and Safe Plus technology as well as a 3-axis auto-stabilized camera mount.

All the bells and whistles for the best photography.

Visit this page for more information.

FPV RC: The Blade Nano QX FPV RTF

Isn't it amazing that we can now buy a micro copter that comes 100% complete, with on-board camera and with a Fat Shark headset that  provides FPV (First Person View) experience, for less than $500.00!

CLICK HERE to visit Amazom and see full details

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