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What's in The Gloster Gladiator Profile?

  1.  Design and development
  2.  Operational history
  3.  Operators
  4.  China
  5.  Norway-263 Squadron
  6.  Malta
  7.  Specifications
  8.  Surviving examples
  9.  The Drawings

The last biplane fighter of the Royal Air Force is a fascinating subject. It was the first RAF fighter with a closed canopy, but it was the last of a long line of single seat fighters and was about to be eclipsed by the modern monoplane.

It did however serve with distinction in WW2 and was loved by its pilots for its beautiful flying qualities.

Of particular note are the drawings that are designed with the modeler in mind. If required the PDF files can be made available in dxf format. Just contact me and I will provide you with the details.

This ebook will not be free for long, so take advantage of this opportunity now to learn about Gloster Gladiator.

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