RC Gloster Gladiator Construction Photos

This page shows details of  the RC Gloster Gladiator assembly. The fuselage was built the old fashioned way, using pins but the wings used magnets and a steel surface.

RC Gloster Gladiator Fuselage Details

First build 2 identical fuselage sides. using the 1/4" thick balsa parts and the 1/4" square balsa sticks.

These are joined together with formers and more 1/4" square balsa sticks.

External formers are added and the front area is sheeted with 1/8" balsa. Note that the stringers are made from 1/8" diameter dowel. This is strong and close to scale for an RC Gloster Gladiator.

Note that each photograph can be enlarged by simply clicking on it. You can then, zoom in any where on the image and pan left, right and up and down.

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Tail Section

The fin/rudder assembly and both tailplane halves are bolted on. This gives a more scale appearance and makes replacement very simple. Be sure to use blue Locktite on all the 4-40 socket head cap screws used.

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