The Park Zone RC airplanes

The Park Zone range of electric powered RC airplanes, include WW2 Warbirds, Ultra-Micros, aerobatic planes and much more.

Parkzone airplanes have been around for quite a while now and have gained a reputation for reliability and good value for money. Distributed by Horizon Hobby, one of the largest distributers in North America, they offer a complete range of electric model airplanes. 

From smallest and lightest indoor RC airplanes, to beginner RC airplanes and scale model aircraft, they are all represented. RC aerobatics are also covered by several models. So whatever your taste, you are sure to find an electric model aircraft to satisfy it!

The one thing they all have in common is they are all completely finished, right-out-of-box!  These electric RC planes are available in 3 different styles-

  1. RTF or Ready-To-Fly. The box contains every thing required to fly, including the radio transmitter, battery and charger.
  2.  PNP or PlugNPlay. Here the RC airplane is complete, but there is no transmitter or receiver and no battery or charger. Servos and motor are installed.
  3. BNF or BindNFly.. This is the latest configuration available , but it only applies to 2.4 Ghz radios. No transmitter is supplied, but a 2.4Ghz receiver is installed and simply requires "binding" to your transmitter. Battery and charger are generally included.

The Park Zone Radians

The Radian PNP is shown in the lead photo. This is the original Park Zone powered glider and is 3-channel control. ( Rudder, elevator and throttle) Power is a 480 size, 960 Kv outrunner brushless motor.

Being a PNP model, It will need a transmitter, receiver, battery (3S-11.1V-1300mAh) and charger to complete.

To give you an idea of overall size-

  • Wingspan- 78.7in.(2000mm)
  • Weight-30 oz.
  • Speed Control-E-flite's 30A brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC (included)

The Radian Pro is the latest type available and is 5 channel control. ( Rudder, elevator, throttle, ailerons and flaps.)

The wing design is different to accommodate the flaps and ailerons and also has less dihedral. It is also re-enforced with an extra  fiberglass spar. The fuselage also incorporates  fiberglass stringers.

The PNP version will need a transmitter, receiver, battery (3S-11,1V-1300mAh) and charger.

Specifications are-

  • Wingspan-78.5in.(1994mm)
  • Weight-34.6 oz. (980g)
  • Speed Control-E-flite's 30A brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC (included)

The final version is the BNF model. This just requires a 5-channel or greater DSM2/DSMX compatible transmitter. Everything else is included, including a LiPO charger.

As with all other versions, there is no construction required and all applicable hardware ( including servos) is installed.

Indoor Models

Night Vapor RTF

Small. light and slow means the Park Zone Night Vapor can fly in a large living room, basement or maybe the conference room at the office!

 The fun factor is increased by the LED lights that allow flying in the dark. Modular construction means that broken parts can be easily replaced.

As it is an RTF (Ready To Fly), nothing else needs to be obtained-even a 3-channel DSM2 transmitter is included.

Night Vapor BNF

Parkzone Night Vapor

Here we have the BNF version. Just bind to your 3-channel or more transmitter(DSM2/DSMX type) and go fly in your living room!

You can also fly outdoors in calm conditions. Fly in your backyard at dusk for a different type of thrill!

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