The DJI Spark Drone

 The Spark drone will fly a number of maneuvers completely automatically and responds to hand gestures.

If you have been fascinated by drones for some time, but have hesitated in acquiring one because you were concerned about you ability to learn to fly, then you can have no excuse now!

This drone can be flown without a transmitter or can be controlled with your smart phone. 

The Manufacturer of the Spark Drone.

DJI is a Chinese company that is the largest drone manufacturer in the World. It's sales were 1.5 billion USD in 2016 and it currently has 3.3K employees. It supplies drones and cameras for professional use and for the amateur market and is responsible for 70% of the global drone market.

The Spark Drone is it's latest offering and is causing quite a stir in the drone marketplace!


  • Can take off and land from the palm of your hand.
  • Hand gesture control-(No remote control or mobile device required)
  • Quick shot-4- "Canned" programs that can take professional looking shots-

             ROCKET-Ascend with camera pointing downwards

             DRONIE-Fly backwards and upwards with the camera locked onto a subject

             CIRCLE-Circle around a target

             HELIX-Fly upward, in a spiral with the camera locked onto a subject

  • Active track. 

            Spark automatically recognizes targets of different shapes and sizes and tracks them.

  • Tap Fly

           Just tap your mobile device screen and Spark will fly to that position, avoiding any                      objects and take a shot.

  • Gesture

           Deep Learning Gesture Recognition enables you to take "selfies" using simple hand                    motion. With Palm Control Mode you can control Spark with your hand and look like a              character from "Star Wars"!

  • Has many of the features of the more expensive drones but with a low price (Less than $500.00USD)
  • The drone is super easy to fly by using your I phone and the DJI app. You can then edit your video and post it to You Tube.
  • Forward obstacle avoidance built in.
  • Auto Landing.
  • FPV (First Person View) flight is available for a new type of flying thrill!
  • 16 min flight time
  • 50 KPH speed
  • Can be flown indoors and in moderate winds outdoor.



The Spark drone will not give you professional quality videos and photos but it is very easy to fly with an almost guarantee of success. The quality that is possible is perfectly acceptable to the amateur but drones costing maybe twice as much are capable of first class results.


But direct from the manufacturer and start off with just the Spark drone (Note that shipping cost is included)

You can then use the DJI app with your smart phone to fly.

Later on you may decide to buy the prop guards and even the remote controller (Available later)