The Flex RV-8 70CC FLS: ARF and ARFSV versions

Designed by World Champion Quique Somenzini, this 35% scale Flex RV-8 70cc has over 2000 square inches (130 sq, dm.) of wing area, yet weighs only 23 pounds (10.4 kg.). This gives a phenomenal 3D and precision aerobatic performance, powered by a Desert Aircraft DA-70 twin or a 60cc, 12S electric set-up. 

Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS

Features of the RC RV-8

ARF Details

  • Huge wing area (over 2000 sq. in. or 130 sq. dm.) with a scant 23 pound (10.4 kg) flying weight. That's like flying a 120cc aerobatic model at nearly two-thirds the weight!
  •  Designed by F3A and 3D World Champion, Quique Somenzini 
  • Massive control surfaces with large deflections for the utmost in maneuverability 
  • Removable tail, including the vertical fin, allows the easy transport of the RC RV-8 70cc FLS in more compact vehicles 
  • Electric-ready airframe allows most 65cc or similar electric motors to be installed without modification
  •  Painted Carbon fiber landing gear included Large canopy hatch for easy access to internal components 
  • Float-Ready airframe allows for easy installation of the optional RV-8 70cc FLS Float set 
  • Lightweight foam cockpit floor and instrument panel are included 
  • Pre-cut baffles for the DA-70 are included 
  • 2 vastly different color schemes are sure to fit personalities of all types 
  • Turnbuckle-style pushrods, ball links and turnbuckle wrench included 
  • Accepts gas engines from 60-70cc, or equivalent electric motors, like the Desert Aircraft DA-70, or the Potenza 65cc Brushless Motor 
  • Airframe easily accepts 2 to 1 canister installs 
  • Easily removable wings for transport and storage 
  • Factory-applied trim scheme

ARFSV Details

  • All ARF Features, plus: 
  • Factory-installed Potenza DS49010BLHV servos for ailerons, flaps, and elevators
  •  Potenza DS49010BLHV servo included for rudder (not installed so you can choose your mounting location!) 
  • (7) Potenza, 2-inch, Clamping, Aluminum Servo Arms included for flight control surfaces 
  • Factory-installed servo extensions for ailerons, flaps, and elevators. 
  • Rudder servo extension included. 
  • Factory-hinged control surfaces 
  • Factory-sealed main wing and horizontal tail hinge gaps 
  • Factory-installed aileron, flap and elevator control horns 
  • Factory-assembled aileron, flap and elevator linkages that are ready for final servo centering and hookup

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Flex RV-8 70CC FLS

  • Wingspan: 100" (2540 mm)
  • Length: 90" (2288 mm)
  • Length (w/out Vfin/rudder): 83"(2108 mm)
  • Wing Area: 2000 sq."(129 dm sq.)
  • Gas Weight:23lbs 3 oz(371oz)(10.5 kg)
  • Electric Weight:  24lbs 15oz (399oz.) (11.3 kg.)
  • Wing Loading: 28.7oz/sq.ft.(87.65g/dm sq.) (Electric)
  • Propeller:- Falcon 25"x 8"W (DA-70)
  • Propeller:- Mejzlik 25 x 12S (Potenza 65CC)
  • Gas power: Desert Aircraft DA-70 Twin
  • Electric power: Potenza 65CC 185KV motor
  • Power system-6S 6200mAh 40C batteries (two in series for 12S)
  • Receiver battery: 2000-4000mAh 15C+ 2S
  • ESC-Castle Edge 160HV ESC
  • Ailerons-Yes
  • Elevator-Yes
  • Rudder-Yes
  • Flaps-Yes
  • Lights-no
  • Hinge Type-Nylon
  • Material-Fiberglass and balsa and ply surfaces (Film covered)
  • Skill Level-New or experienced pilot
  • Recommended Environment-Outdoor 300 ft. min runway or short grass

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Parts Included

  • Fuselage with canopy hatch (1)
  •  Wing panel (1-lh, 1-rh) 
  • Tail plane (1-lh 1-rh)
  •  Fin/Rudder (1)
  •  All above parts are constructed of laser cut balsa and ply and covered in UltraCote 
  • Fiberglass cowl (1
  • Wing & Tail tubes (3)
  •  Wheels (2)
  • Landing gear  (1)
  • Wheel pants (2)
  • Hardware package (1)
  • Tail wheel assembly(1)

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Extras Required

Radio equipment & Servos:

Note that all servos are supplied in the ARFSV version

Servo Arms:

  1. Aileron, Flaps, Elevators: (6) 2-inch Single Arm Potenza 2-inch Clamping Servo Arm – FPZA1036 recommended.
  2.  Rudder: (Tail-mounted Push-Pull) 2-inch Single Arm Potenza 2-inch Clamping Servo Arm – FPZA1036 recommended. 
  3. Rudder: (Front-Mounted Pull-Pull) 4-inch Double Arm Potenza 4-inch Clamping Servo Arm – FPZA1037 recommended.

Note that items 1 & 2 are included in the ARFSV model.

Servo Extensions:

  • Ailerons: (2) 18-inch (460 mm) 
  • Flaps: (2) 9-inch (230 mm)
  •  Flaps & Ailerons: (To the receiver or Aura)(2) 9-inch (230 mm) 
  • Elevators: (2) 48-inch (1220 mm) 
  • Rudder: (Tail-mounted Push-Pull): 48-inch (1220 mm) 
  • Servo Extension Safety Clips: Flex Servo Connector Safety Clips (FPZA1040)

Note that all above items are supplied in the ARFSV version


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Here we can see how to fit the Flex RV-8 70cc into a Prius!

This video shows the unboxing of two different versions: 

A good video of the electric version:

Great flying of the gas powered version (Desert Aircraft DA-70)

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Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc manual.

An excellent manual that will take you step by step, thought the assembly process,

Click here, or on the image, to see and/or download a PDF file of the manual.

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  • Extremely light weight (23-25Lbs), gives an excellent flight performance, for a 35% scale RC airplane.
  • Quick build, especially in the ARFSV version.
  • Ability to reduce down to a small package for transport. (See video)

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  • There is no pilot! For this price. I think that a lightweight pilot should be included!
  • Be careful not to install a heavy, vibrating motor! The construction has little, if any balsa, to absorb the vibration, and I am sure this model could have a short life if subject to too many shakes!. Use the recommended   Desert Aircraft DA-70 Twin or better still-go electric. 

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Unique Features

  • The  most unique feature is the light weight of this 35% scale 3D aerobat.
  • The ability to break down quickly, into small components, can make transportation less of a challenge.  

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  • There are 2 smaller RV-8s, that were available before the Flex RV-8 70cc version. All 3 designs were by  Quique Somenzini, and contributed directly to the development.



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Photo Gallery

Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS
Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS

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Aircraft International pilotfigure

I think a pilot is a MUST! This version from Aircraft International weighs just 1.1oz. The size required is "d".

Click here or on the image to visit the website.

Would you like to buy this Flex RV-8 70cc 100% TURNKEY? Then click here to visit Full Throttle RC, who will be happy to give you a quote, that can include a first flight! 

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Review Notes

The only forum I could find was "Flying giants".

Click here to visit the website.

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Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc FLS

The Flex Innovations RV-8 70cc is available in two colour schemes- "Red" and camouflage.

The price of either version, in the ARF format, is $1,249.99USD

There is also a ARFSV format that has 7 high torque servos (with 6 installed),7 aluminum servo horns installed along with all the horns, push rods and servo extensions.

The ARFSV version is priced at $1,899.99USD.

Click here to visit the Flex Innovations website, for full details.

$1,349.99-$1,799.99 FROM FAN JETS USA ↗

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If you are looking for a BIG highly aerobatic RC airplane (both precision and all the 3D), that can be easily broken down for transportation, then you must consider the Flex Innovations RV-7 70cc!

It can be built in about 12 hours and is available in 2 levels of completion and 2 colour schemes.

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