The Bristol Bulldog vintage biplane, of the RAF, in 1930. 

The Bristol Bulldog vintage biplane artwork, was prepared, by yours truly, using Fusion 360, 3D software. I actually designed a 1/5 full size, RC airplane and then "covered" it, to give the aviation art shown.


Features of the Bristol Bulldog Vintage Biplane Artwork

Bristol Bulldog

I used these excellent photos, from "" as a guide to the colour scheme.  These were taken at the RAF museum at Hendon, UK.

The 3 views by A. Granger were used for the design, in 3D, using Fusion 360 software. 

Note that you can click on the photo, to see a larger image.

One big advantage of using a 3D model, is that it can be manoeuvred into many positions, and then a screenshot can be taken giving a new artistic picture. Backgrounds can also be added. Below are a few examples of aviation art of the Bristol Bulldog.

You can click on the small images to see a larger version.

Bristol Bulldog in flight.
Bristol Bulldog over field
Bristol Bulldog in flight over field
Bristol Bulldog on approach
Bristol Bulldog Side View
Bristol Bulldog in flight 2

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Photo Gallery of Zazzle Products

I have used the Bristol Bulldog vintage biplane art work on many items in my Zazzle store.

In the gallery below, I have shown some selections. If you click on any of the images, you will see a larger photo, and if you click on the "Buy Now!" button, you will be taken to the appropriate page on the Zazzle site, where you will see full details and have the opportunity to purchase.

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3D CAD Models

The image, below, is interactive. You can zoom in and out, and rotate the airplane in three dimensions. To return to home position, just click on the "home" icon.

To zoom in and out, use the mouse roller. To "orbit" use the depressed mouse, left button.

The "explode" icon, does indeed explode, and shows many details, but can be returned to normal.

Below we see the radial engine, in all its detail. This is the unique detail of the Bristol Bulldog vintage biplane. It is also the reason I am not offering the plans for sale, of this RC airplane!

I intended to make the engine, by 3D printing, but found the cost to be very high, from commercial printers, and I could not see a way of making it, using conventional RC airplane methods. 

If any reader has some ideas as to how to produce the engine or has a 3D printer, and would be interested in printing it and offering it for sale, please contact us.

We can make software available for 3D printing, or we could make laser cut wood parts available, for construction.

This image shows the uncovered version of this 1/5 scale RC airplane. All the parts are there and could be available for laser cutting of the parts.

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If you would like more details, on the Bristol Bulldog aviation gifts, available from my Zazzle store, just click on the image to the left, and you will be taken to the collection page, where all the Bulldog products are available.

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