RC Plane Plans of Scale Aircraft

All of these RC plane plans were designed by yours truly, Bob Bishop. If I can design and build large scale model aircraft then you can as well! (Or maybe much better)

A few years ago, I decided to "bite the bullet" and try designing my own scale RC plane plans

My first attempt was a Hawker Hart. The Hart was a 1930's biplane bomber, that the Royal Air Force used for many years. I had a plan for a smaller plane (designed by Gordon Whitehead, a well known English designer), in my collection, so I had a good place to start.

I wanted a larger 120 4-stroke powered model, so I decided to photographically enlarge the smaller plan. After a few phone calls a local blue printing business was located, who indicated they had the required technology and the price seemed to be reasonable.

The next question to answer was, what size airplane is required for a 120 4-stroke engine?

A look at various kits and plans of similar designs gave me some ideas and finally a top wing span of 80" seemed to be about correct. This was a bit larger than the average but I thought the weight of the completed remote control airplane would be reasonably light. (About 15-16 lbs)

So, with my plan in hand, off I went, to the blue print company. A short time later I emerged with my new set of plans and 2-sets of blue print copies! This process was much faster than enlarging a plan manually and I could start building that day.

This process, if done correctly, with a minimum of distortion, can result in a good set of plans. I was fortunate that the scaling-up factor was low (about 2 to 1) and the camera operator was interested and very careful with the set-up.

The disadvantage's of the system are -

  1. Line thickness increase with scale factor.
  2. Material thickness may not be standard.
  3. Plan notes regarding material thickness will be incorrect.

However, the remote control airplane was built and is still around today. It flies very well and is somewhat unique.

This is how it looks now. I have modified it to a Hawker Demon (minor changes) and have been flying it with a Laser 150 for power. 

PDF plans are now available-Click here or on the photo for more details

The process I use today is quite different. My former profession was as a machine designer, so I had experience with various 2D and 3D CAD programs. I find the 2D CAD to be well suited to these types of projects and all my plans, for the past few years, have used this process. This produces a very accurate, scale outline and good parts fit-up.

List of RC Plane Plans

1. The Fairey Fantome

A beautiful 1938 biplane, designed and built by Fairey for the Belgian air force. Powered by a Moki 1.8, the model flies like a dream! Has the reputation of being the most beautiful biplane ever!  5 sheets of plans, showing all parts, full size. Click here for more details

Here is another page on the Fantome, with more photos and details.

The Fantome is still flying after many years of faithful service.

Take a look here to see more.

This page has a lot of free downloads! PDF files are available of all the aluminum parts required, for construction of the Fairey Fantome.

A drawing of the muffler is included, as well as details of the engine installation. Glow and possible gas engines are discussed.

Take a look here for more information.

Please note that laser cut parts are available for this RC plane plan.

2. Curtiss P-6E Hawk

Maybe the most colorful of the between wars fighters, when decorated as the "Snow Owl ".This 1/4 scale example makes into a big biplane (94.5" wing span).

The original remote control airplane was powered by a ZDZ 50 gas engine. These RC plane plans are fully detailed, and the model is a superb flyer.

Click here to visit the page.

A second page for this airplane, includes PDF downloads of all the aluminum parts required. Many tips and ideas regarding different gas engines that can be used as well as a drawing of the scale exhaust.

Laser cut parts are available.

Visit the page for more details.

3. The Cessna Airmaster

The Cessna Airmaster

A 1/4 scale "golden age " high wing classic. Plug in wing panels make this remote control airplane easier to transport. Plans show an OS 160 Gemini and a Zenoah G-23 installation. The Cessna Airmaster makes into a very easy flying quarter scale RC model.

Laser cut parts of ribs and formers are available.

 Click here for more details.

4. The Gloster Gladiator

A 1/5 scale Gloster Gladiator intended for electric, gas or glow engine power.

The canopy is available and the cowl is easily made from balsa and ply.

The canopy slides and a full cockpit is possible.

First class laser cut parts are available for these RC plane plans and details are provided on the following pages-

Click here for more details.

This page has more details of this model with some construction photos

5.Fairey Swordfish: 1/10 Scale

fairey Swordfish with wings folded.

This is a 1/10 scale RC model with scale like folding wings.  Wingspan is 54.6 ".Interlocking laser cut parts gives the ability to assemble without full size plans.

A full laser cut parts package is available plus PDF file download. Full size plans can be printed at your local print shop, or you can print  legal size on your home printer.

Click here for full information and construction photos.

6. Fairey Swordfish: 1/6 Scale

1/6 scale Fairey Swordfish RC airplane plan

Here is a larger version of the Swordfish. With a wingspan of 91" and scale like folding wings, this makes an impressive RC airplane.

Conventional paper plans are available as well as PDF files and laser cut parts are also available.

12 CAD drawn sheets are in the package as well as a comprehensive bill of material (7 pages).

Click here to visit the page with full details.

Construction of  an RC radial cowl

I needed a scale radial cowl for the Gladiator and came across various ideas on the internet. I did not see a method for a large size of cowl but thought I could come up with a suitable system from balsa and ply.

The results far exceeded my expectations! This method is quick and easy and results in a robust, light and scale cowl.

This method can be applied to many RC plane plans and when a fiberglass unit is not available, this is the way to go!

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