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Ask your RC questions about airplanes and RC helicopters here. Having problems building or flying your RC planes? Join in and have fun. Maybe learn a little to!

This is a wonderful hobby that can give great satisfaction but occasionally a problem can arise, that is difficult to solve.

Maybe you have lost the manual for your latest ARF RC plane and do not know where the balance point should be. You have looked at this page- How to find the Balance Point (CG) of the Scale Model RC Airplane, but still have questions. Then here you can ask!


You need help tuning RC engines and have looked at Model Airplane Engines and associated pages but you still have a problem, then just ask here.

You may have read about a problem someone was having, during the assembly process of a remote controlled airplane and you know the answer, then please give a little back and answer here! 

Your problem could be with your electric helicopters, maybe the flight time is shorter than you think it should be. Just give full details here and someone will help. If I know the answer to a problem, then I will answer, or maybe give a lead to a place that has the information required.

It could be that RC aerobatics are your challenge and making those loops truly circular is a continuing problem. Someone who is a bit of an expert with RC airplane aerobatics, just happens to read here and answers.

It could be that you are having trouble deciding which model to choose out of all the micro RC helicopters available today. Ask the question here and somebody has already bought the model you are considering and will share the experience with you here.

This forum is for you and about you, so do not be shy! Ask your questions or give a few answers and make this idea succeed!

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