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The RC Helicopters information resource. From the smallest and simplest to the most complex scale helicopter. All are covered, with hints, tips and how to select and buy.

Thunder Tiger E-325 sc 2.4G M2

It is possible to spend as little as $30, on one of the new toy helicopters or thousands of dollars on a scale model or even an RC turbine helicopter.  Whatever your radio controlled helicopter needs, My purpose is to help you select the model you are looking for and point out the features to look for and also the attributes to avoid!

One obvious advantage of helicopters is that a long runway is not required for operation. You can fly in almost any open space. Please ensure the site you chose is safe and free from spectators, who may not realize the possible dangers that can be associated with operating RC models.  Also you must be covered by insurance, usually from the model governing body in your country.

In Canada the association is named the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada or MAAC.  Visit their web site for full details.

In the USA the National Body is the Academy of Model Aeronautics or AMA. To visit their site for further information, click here.

Micro Helicopters

In my opinion these are not toy helicopters, but they are true hobby grade  helicopters, with 4 channels of true radio control ( not Infra red control) and a gyro to help in the flying department. Don't get me wrong, the toy helicopters definitely have their place and have introduced a lot of people to flying.

Visit this page for more information on Micro Helicopters.

Gas Helicopters

The photo shows the Century Radical G30, a prime example of a gas powered helicopter. This type of power plant uses a gasoline/oil mix for fuel and are different to the more common nitro powered helicopter. To further confuse the issue, the term "nitro" is not really accurate. The more correct term would be the 2-stroke glow RC model airplane engines  The gas engine is usually a 2-stroke, much like the engines used in leaf blowers and edge trimmers. In fact some of the early examples were converted from just such engines.

This page gives much information, regarding Gas RC Helis.

Scale Helicopters

Scale helicopters look and fly like a full size machine. Scale model helicopters are available in all sizes and in my opinion look just GREAT!

A scale fuselage is usually built around a standard pod and boom helicopter, thus making the conversion job to scale relatively simple operation.

Many fuselages are available, both military and civilian.

 Electric Helicopters

Electric helicopters have come a LONG way in the last few years. I believe it is true to say that electric helicopters are  the most popular of all the types of remote controlled helicopters available today.


Take a look here for further information.

The Nitro Powered Remote Controlled Helicopter

The nitro helicopter started the development of the modern remote controlled helicopter. It's popularity has waned a little because of the upsurge made by the electrics, but it still has a lot to offer. 


Take a look at this page for more details and hints and tips on the operation of the nitro RC helicopter.

The Quadrocopter

These fascinating Microdrones are now available to the radio controlled helicopter community. Build you own, from scratch, or from a kit, this page points you in the correct direction!


Look at this page for lots of information on these marvels of technology- The Quadrocopter.

The RC Turbine Helicopter Simplified

It is very hard to tell that this is a photo of a model RC heli! It even sounds and smells realistic! It is just one example of the modern RC turbine helicopter.

These page has photos, information and videos of these wonderful (but expensive!) RC jet turbine powered radio controlled helicopters.

Take a look at this page for more details on the RC turbine helicopter.

The RC Jet Turbine Engine for Helicopters

The RC jet turbine is a type of RC jet that can be successfully used in the RC heli. How it works and tips on selection along with links to related sites.


Look at this page for information on a few of the types of RC jet turbine that are available.

Micro RC Helicopters:  The Blade Scout CX

Full details are here for this exciting indoor helicopter that is complete with radio and ready for fun!

The Ideal Beginner RC helicopter, the E-Flite Blade SR RTF

If you have flown a coaxial helicopter or a fixed pith electric helicopter and would like to move up to a single rotor, cyclic pitch machine, then this beginner RC helicopter, the Blade SR RTF, is the heli you are looking for.

A Review of the Blade Scout CX

Maybe the best beginner RC Helicopter around. Twin rotor design and a reliable Piezo gyro ensures rock solid stability!

Learn to fly a heli quickly-anyone can fly this little gem.

Click here for more details.

The RC Quadrocopter: The Blade mQX

A completely finished quadrocopter from Blade. Available as an RTF or BNF model.

Uses the AS3X 3-avis gyro that gives rock solid stability and the feeling of flying a much larger RC helicopter.

Take a look at this page for more details- The RC Quadrocopter: The Blade mQX RTF and BNF.

The Parrot AR Drone Quadrocopter

Here we have full details of the AR drone. A quadrotor you control from your iPhone!

Look at this page for all the information-The Parrot AR Drone Quadrocopter.

A few GREAT Helicopter E-books to consider

Getting The Most Out Of Your Blade mSR

This E-Book, by John Salt is a MUST BUY if you have, or are thinking about buying a Blade mSR.

With 51 pages and 60 photographs, you will learn many tips and tricks from an experienced RC helicopter pilot.

The price of $7.95, makes this book hard to resist. Click on the photo at left to see the full details.

This may not be a Scale RC Helicopter, but it is a lot of fun and maybe you could learn to fly this before buying the expensive scale model!

If you wish to learn more about what's inside this e-Book, just click on the image of the book.

120/140 Swashplate Setup & Leveling

20&140 CCPM electronic swashplate setup is by far the most intimidating and miss-understood technical setup process that most people face in this hobby. There are just so many things to set correctly.

This is a heavily illustrated e-book with over 80 actual photos to help illustrate the many steps. In fact, once you go through the process, it is fun and really not difficult at all.

From the smallest micro electrics to the largest turbines or scale RC helicopter; if your heli has a 120 or 140 CCPM swashplate and you are intimidated by the setup process, this e-book will answer all your questions, and perhaps several others you didn't even know about.

If you wish to learn more about what's inside this e-Book, just click on the image of the book.

Setup & Tips For Electric Collective Pitch RC Helicopters

The highest costs and frustrations beginners face with good quality collective pitch RC helicopters result from crashing. This stems directly by not having the helicopter setup for learning on - that is the real issue.

This RC helicopter e-book pays for itself many times over by showing you exactly how to turn a high performance 400 size heli into a docile trainer plus many more tips and advice.

The settings, tips, and advice actually work on many sizes of RC helicopters.( Not just Scale RC Helicopters) Physics and procedures are very much the same for any good single rotor collective pitch hobby grade machine regardless of size, power plant, or manufacturer.

Click on the image of the book to learn more about what's inside this very helpful frustration saving guide.

John Salt has recently up-dated and added to this guide and changed the name. It now covers all electric collective pitch helicopters. it is now over a 130 pages with 150 illustrations.

How To Build Training Gear For RC Helicopters

Building your own set of RC helicopter training gear is very easy and fun. You will save money by building your own gear and can customize the gear for your specific size helicopter.

This e-Book is fully illustrated with step by step instructions showing it is easy for anyone to turn out a nice looking and very functional set of training gear for a fraction of what a store purchased set will cost.

Click on the image of the book for more details.

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