The E-Flite RC Hawker Hurricane

This new RC Hawker Hurricane is a great RC electric plane that is available completely ready to fly.  Available as a PNP or a BNF model. 

E-Flite Hawker Hurricane

I don't know who the smiling gent in the photo is, but he gives us an idea of the size of this WW2 warbird.The Hurricane was designed by Sydney Camm and was a direct descendant of the Fury biplane of the 1930's. In fact the fuselage rear was fabric covered and the shape of the tail surfaces is typically Hawker.

The Hurricane was easy to build and quick to repair in the field and played such an important role in the Battle of Britain. With it's 8 wing mounted machine guns, it shot down more enemy aircraft than the Spitfire.

This is the largest, injection molded, z-foam constructed RC electric plane that E-flite has made to date.

As mentioned above it is available in two versions- a BNF and a PNP model. The BNF (Bind anD Fly) comes absolutely complete and ready to go. It does require a 2.4Ghz transmitter of at least 6 channels to control it.

The PNP model is not quite as complete, and does need a receiver and lipo battery supplied and installed by the buyer. Also note that this version does not include an RC battery charger.

Note that both versions of the Hawker Hurricane have 6 servos, RC Esc, and a outrunner brushless motor installed. If this not your first RC electric plane, then maybe the less expensive PNP model will appeal to you. 

E-Flite Hawker Hurricane details

E-Flite Hawker Hurricane wing detail

This photo gives you an idea of how the model comes, right out of the box. The level of details is very good and the flaps are all hooked up and the RC servos are already installed.

E-Flite Hawker Hurricane landing gear

This photo shows how the model comes with a fixed landing gear but as can be seen, the wells are there for a set of retractable landing gear. I think that a model as scale as this deserves a set of retracts and E-Flite has a set available!

Sorry to say that this model has been discontinued!

E-Flite, who are part of Horizon Hobby, must have been disappointed with the sales for this model and have withdrawn it from production.

This is a pity because I had placed it on my "To Do" list!