The Parkzone RC Corsair 

The Parkzone RC Corsair is the most complete F4U Corsair available. Injection Molded from makes for a tough RC airplane.

Parkzone Corsair

Parkzone RC airplanes are very well known for producing a large range of completely ready to fly RC airplanes, many of them are scale and the majority of these are World War Two RC aircraft.

All of the range are manufactured from injection molded foam and the scale models feature lots of detail molded in.

Almost, if not all of the range can be flown in a large park or sports field and some of the smaller "micro" models are best suited to flying indoors, in say a school gym or similar area.

The Parkzone RC Corsair described

The F4U Corasir was one of the most famous of the WW2 Warbirds.

The first to fly faster than 400 MPH and its famous bent wing are the key features.This parkzone RC model is made from "Z Foam", it is said to be extremely durable and easily repairable.

Also note that spare parts are available. This is hopefully a feature you will never need but is always good for the inevitable repair! This Vought Corsair comes absolutely complete and ready to fly. 

The Parkzone Corsair flying

Note also the cooling holes in the rear fuselage. Not scale but very important to keep everything nice and cool in the fuselage!

 Another nice feature is the electronic speed control- an E-Flite 30 amp Pro SB Brushless ESC.

  An 11.1V, 1800Mah lithium polymer battery and a 480 size outrunner brushless motor is installed.

The included battery charger is a variable rate 2–3 cell DC, cell-balancing, Li-Po charger that will safely charge and condition the lithium polymer battery and can plug in to your car cigarette lighter outlet.

One final point. Please be advised that the Parkzone  RC Corsair is NOT a beginner RC plane.

You will need some prior experience with an easy flying, forgiving, stable trainer before you try a scale WW2 warbird! That is not to say that this model is hard to fly-it is not.

Sorry but this model is no longer available.

Horizon Hobby, owner of Parkzone have decided to no longer produce this model. I guess sales were too slow, so the chopper fell!