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The RC airplane sound system sound pack for WW2 planes

The plug-in RC airplane sound pack for the Mr RC Sound V4 system. 6 different sounds, switch selectable.  Safe and secure payments through PayPal.

Mr RC Sound WW2 sound pack

This unit is a small plug-in module, that replaces the standard unit on the V4 circuit board. Gently remove the existing unit and carefully press in the new unit to generate a genuine, realistic WW2 RC airplane sound.

Mr RC Sound V4.1 sound chip location

This photo shows where the pack is located on the V4 circuit board, (See red arrow)

The sounds available are-

  • Allison V12
  • BMW 801 Radial (FW 190 etc)
  • Sakae Radial (Zero)
  • Mikulin AM-38 (IL-2/Mig-3)
  • Bristol Centaurus Radial (Hawker Sea Fury, Tempest Mk 2, etc.)
  •  Wright Cyclone Radial.

Also note that various auxiliary sounds are also available via the Servo 2,3 and 4 connections. When connected up each sound is available by using the appropriate switch on the transmitter. These are specific to the sound selected and include gun, cannon and other appropriate sounds.

Configuration of the WW2 RC Airplane Sound Pack:

By pushing the selector button once, you can "step" through the following sound configurations-

Airplane selected

Servo 1

Servo 2

Servo 3

Servo 4


Allison Gun 1 "Clear" Gun 2


BMW 801 Gun 1  Whistle Gun 2


Zero Gun1 Bomb Gun 2


IL2/Mig-3 Gun 1 Bomb Gun 2


Bristol Centaurus

Gun 1 "Clear" Gun 2


Wright Cyclone Gun 1 "Clear" Gun 2

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Please note that MR RC Sound units are no longer available!

For full details of the V4.1 unit that this chip can be plugged into, to give the above listed WW2 airplane sounds, please click here.

Customer's comments:

Mel: "Flew out approximately 1200 feet and could still hear the Merlin engine.  In the air the engine sound is very nice.  I am convinced it helped my landings with this plane.  It aloud me to pick a certain engine RPM sound from the module that works perfect for landing."

Frank, a return customer: "YES, I really like how you have brought more realism to the RC planes. I really like the "electric" RC planes and heli's but never really liked the way they sounded in the air. You have changed that in a big way. There are a few more planes I want to update with your sound modules"