The Hangar 9 Division of Horizon Hobby

Hangar 9 Offers the RC airplane enthusiast, a wide range of ARF RC planes, as well as RTF models. Descriptions of the most popular models, with photos and specifications.

Hangar 9 is a division of Horizon Hobby, who service hobby shops in over 50 countries, around the world.

Hangar 9 Piper Apache

They specialize in glow or gas RC planes, although many of the later kits include full instructions on how to convert to electric RC planes.

The majority of the models are ARF RC airplanes, although there are a few RTF RC planes. Note that the RTF (Ready To Fly) types include everything required to fly, including an RC transmitter. The third type is the BNF (Bind-aNd-Fly) model. These generally require just a suitable 2.4GHz transmitter to enable you to go and fly!

Construction is of conventional, laser-cut balsa and ply and covering material is normally UltraCote. If you suffer a mishap and require some spare parts, then a wide range of spares are available.

 The complete range of RC airplanes is covered, from beginner RC airplanes to scale model aircraft, models for RC aerobatics (including 3D) as well as general sport flyers.

Some of the latest offerings, are true giant scale RC airplanes. The photo above is of the new 33% Piper Pawnee 80cc ARF, that comes in 3 huge boxes!

Visit there web site by clicking here.

The Hangar 9 P-51D Bluenose 60 ARF

The Hangar 9 P-51D Mustang "Blue Nose"

This P-51D mustang was designed from day one, as a glow, gas  or as an RC electric plane.

It is beautifully finished with many scale details and comes equipped with mechanical metal retracts, that require an RC servo for each retract.

This is an ARF plane that requires a 60 size glow engine for power.

For more details and photos, take a look here.

The 35% Extra 300 ARF

Hangar 9 Extra 300 hovering

This is a 35% scale large scale model airplane. It is big enough to be shipped in 3 huge boxes!

If 3D RC aerobatics are your thing, then you must take a look at the Extra 300 ARF!

The 3.1M Sukhoi SU-26MM ARF

The Hangar 9 Sukhoi 3.1m ARF

The Sukhoi 3.1m ARF is a large scale model aircraft that is the biggest in the H9 range.

It is fully capable of world class competition and of course with the right pilot and enough power it will do all of the 3D maneuvers with ease!

For further information, click on the photo.

The Beast 100cc ARF

Hangar 9 Beast in hover

If you are looking for a giant scale RC biplane, then the Hangar 9 Beast 100cc, could be just what you need!.

Designed by Quique Somenzini, it is capable of all the precision RC aerobatics as well as thrilling 3D stunts.

Visit this page for more information- Hanger 9 Beast 100cc Giant Scale RC Biplane.

The Alpha 40 DSM2 RTF

Hangar 9 Alpha Trainer 40

If you are thinking of getting into this wonderful hobby and prefer the glow powered beginner RC planes, then the Hangar 9 Alpha trainer is maybe the most popular in this class.

It comes 100% complete and even has a Spektrum 5- channel 2,4GHz RC transmitter included.

For full details visit Hanger 9 Alpha Trainer Beginner RC Plane.

The 1/4-Scale J3 Cub ARF

Hangar 9 Piper Cub 1/4 scale

This quarter scale RC Piper Cub is a very complete ARF RC airplane. 

She can be powered by an RC gas engine, a large glow engine or a 110 size outrunner brushless motor.

Visit this page for complete details.

The Pulse XT 60 ARF

Hangar 9 Pulse 60

The Hangar 9 Pulse 60 ARF RC airplane has all the control surfaces pre-hinged and the control horns bolted in position.

For more details take a look at this page.

The Piper Pawnee 40 ARF

Hangar 9 Piper Pawnee 40 size

This 40 size Piper Pawnee ARF makes into a great scale RC airplane.

With a wing span of 80" and a final weight of 8 to 9 lbs, I think this is a bit bigger than most 40 size RC airplanes! In fact a .46 to .52 2-stroke or .62 to .82 4-stroke RC plane engines are recommended. Electric power is also possible and full details are included. 

Click here to visit the page with full details.

The Hangar 9 Carbon Cub ARF 15cc 90"

The Hangar 9 Carbon Cub 15cc ARF 90" RC airplane.

This is the latest of the Piper Cubs available. The Carbon Cub model is an ARF, made from laser cut balsa and ply and covered with Ultracote. Click here for more details

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