Hobbyzone is a division of Parkzone that is devoted to beginner RC airplanes. Most are RTF electric airplanes. Here are details of the complete range.


If you are thinking of learning to fly RC airplanes and are looking for the ideal RC planes for beginners, then Hobbyzone is the manufacturer you must consider!


All of the range are either RTF electric airplanes or of the BNF type. The RTF (Ready-To-Fly) types come 100% complete and include a radio and all the batteries required. The BNF versions (Bind-N-Fly) are for those who already have a suitable RC transmitter. The box contains everything except a transmitter and the cost is therefore a little less.


All of the models are manufactured from Z-foam. This is a high density foam, that is injection molded and is very tough and durable. When learning to fly, it is almost inevitable that crashes will occur, but Z-foam can be glued back together, using epoxy or foam safe CA adhesive.

If repairs are too difficult then spare parts are available.

What is Included

hobbyzone super cub 12

The claim-to-fame for Hobbyzone is that everything required to fly comes in the box and very little, if any, assembly is required.

This photo gives you a good idea as to what you get in the box. First of course is the plane, completely assembled and all the components installed. At the most you may have to assemble the tail plane and maybe the fin and rudder. The RC transmitter will be included (If it is an RTF)  the lipo battery and  charger and a CD that will give lots of flying tips.

None of these models can be considered toys. They are true hobby grade models. I believe it is true to say that more pilots have learned to fly with Hobbyzone than any other brand!

Anti-Crash-Technology (ACT)

The Hobbyzone Super Cub

Another unique feature is called ACT or Anti-Crash-Technology. This is a feature of the Super Cub. As the name implies this system does help prevent crashes. As you will notice in the above photo, there are  two optical sensors mounted in the beginner RC plane. One is pointed up to the sky and the other is aimed at the ground.

As long as the model is flying level then the system is inactive and the pilot is in complete control. If the plane enters a steep dive then the ACT operates automatically. The throttle is reduced and a slight amount of "UP" elevator is entered, this has the effect of leveling the model and averting a possible crash. The system can be switched on and off from the transmitter.

X-Port Technology

The Hobbyzone Super Cub and Parachute drop

X-port technology gives the ability to add functions to the beginner RC plane.

Parachute dropping can be achieved with the Aerial Drop Module (ADM). You can even dogfight with a buddy with the Sonic Combat Module (SCM)! Finally there is also a Night Flight Module (NFM) that adds LEDs to a model and illuminates it for night flying..

The Hobbyzone Beginner RC Airplanes

The Hobbyzone Super Cub DSM RTF & BNF

Many, many pilots have learnt to fly with the Super Cub!

This latest version comes with a 2,4Ghz radio system that means less interference and no clashing of frequencies.

Anti-Crash technology is built in.

As you can see this is quite a large model, which means it is easier to see and easy to fly.

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The Hobbyzone Super Cub DSM RTF & BNF

The Mini Super Cub RTF

This is a smaller version of the Super Cub, that still has the Anti-Crash Technology, built in.

It comes complete with a 27Mhz, 3-channel RC transmitter and like all Hobbyzone models it is 100% complete and ready to fly.

Maybe the only extra thing to consider buying is an extra battery, to shorten the time between flights.

The Mini Super Cub RTF

The Champ RTF

Here we have another mini-size beginner RC plane. this is a 3-channel model, which means it has no ailerons.

Rudder, elevator and motor speed are all the controls needed for lots of fun!

The Champ RTF

The Firebird Commander 2 RTF

This style of model is known as a pod and boom pusher. The tail plane  is in a vee formation and thus this is a 3-channel model.

The radio system is an FM type, so please ensure, before you switch the transmitter on, that there is no one else on your frequency!

Anti Crash technology is built in as well as the X-port, so parachute drop and night flying is possible,

The Firebird Commander 2 RTF

The Firebird Stratos RTF

Now this is something brand new in beginner RC airplanes!

This is a twin engine trainer that features control mixing, to help you learn to fly.

The elevator keeps the nose up, during turns and when the throttle is reduced. These features can be turned off when you have gained experience. Lipo batteries and 2,4Ghz radio system ensure you have the latest and best technology.

The Firebird Stratos RTF

The Sport Cub S RTF

Here we have a small Cub intended to teach you to fly, with no help!

SAFE® technology. that can be switched to 3 levels and a "Panic Button" that makes recovery automatic ensures success from day one.

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