Micro RC Helicopters: The Blade Scout CX.

Of all the micro RC helicopters available, the Blade Scout CX is latest and coolest yet, in the world of toy helicopters!

The Blade Scout CX micro RC helicopter.

The world of toy helicopters is full of very inexpensive poorly constructed cheap toy like electric helicopters, that are sure to disappoint!

Now Blade have brought true RC hobby standards to the field of toys!

The contra-rotating blades make this a super stable design, and when  a true gyro and 2.4Mhz radio technology is added to the package,  then indoor flying fun is available to every one.

Any one can fly the Blade Scout CX. It comes out of the box ready to fly. The included batteries must be installed in the RC transmitter and the lipo battery can then be plugged in to the port, on the transmitter. When this is charged, then it is time to fly in the living room.

It is possible to fly this micro RC  helicopter outdoors, on a very calm day, but it is most fun to fly indoors.

Micro RC Helicopters. The Blade Scout CX.

The 2.4Mhz radio technology means that there is no limit to how many Scouts can be flown at the same time. The only limitation is how big a room is available.

Just remember it is a contra- rotating heli, so forward speed is slow and RC aerobatics are limited, but it is still a LOAD of fun to fly in the living room.

The scout weighs less than half an ounce, so crashes and tumbles can be taken in stride but if spare parts are needed, then they are available from Blade.

Micro RC helicopters, the Blade Scout CX.

The computerized Piezo gyro ensures superb directional control and stability and the proportional rotor head RC servo gives precise, smooth control response.

Micro RC Helicopter.

Last thoughts on this micro RC helicopter

The Blade Scout CX is a true RC hobby class micro RC helicopter and definitely not  to be confused with other toy RC helicopters!

It makes a wonderful gift, for people of all ages and can be flown by any one!

My daughter and son-in-law had a ball flying the scout around the living room and they have no interest at all in RC!

Take a look at the video, to give you an idea as to how much fun you will have, when you buy a ScoutCX!

The Blade Scout CX is in stock .

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