The RC P-40 Warhawk

A few RC versions of the RC P-40 Warhawk are featured, along with a brief outline of the full size P-40 and links to sites featuring this World War Two aircraft.  

The Full Size Curtiss P-40 Warhawk

P-40 Warhawk landingP-40 Warhawk. Photo is by TMWolf

The P-40 first flew in 1938 and served with 28 nations throughout World War Two. The Warhawk was a single seat, all metal, fighter and ground attack aircraft. It's famous "shark's mouth marking on the cowl, makes it maybe the most noticeable of World War Two aircraft.

By the time that production ceased, in 1944, a total of 13,738 aircraft had been built at the Curtiss-Wright facility in Buffalo, NY. This places it third in numbers produced, following the P-51 Mustang and the P-47 Thunderbolt.

The US Army Air Core named the P-40 "Warhawk" whereas the British and Soviets called it "Tomahawk" and "Kittihawk" for "D" and later variants.

Links to P-40 Warhawk Web Sites

A very good history and details of the P-40 Warhawk can be found on the Wikipedia page.

This site has lots of photos of full size and models of the Curtiss P-40 and factory drawings.

The Airliners. net site is always worth a visit. There are 630 photos of the P-40 here!

Bob Banka's Aircraft Documentation. Has 3-views and photos of the P-47 as well as thousands of other aircraft.

Will the Curtiss P-40 make into a good RC P-40 Airplane?

The P-40 should make an excellent RC P-40. It has ample wing area and a good sized tail area. The nose length is good, so balancing should be no problem.

Of all the RC warbirds, the Warhawk has a good size cowl that should be able to enclose any size and type of engine and as long as adequate venting is provided, engine cooling will not be a problem.

A basic rule is to ensure that exit area is double the air entry area (Hot air expands and thus requires more area to exit) Entry area needs to be at least equal to the fin area of the engine head.

If necessary, direct the air through the head cooling fins with baffles.

The landing gear retracts 90 degrees back and rotates the wheel 90 degrees, so as it lies flat under the wing. Many of the retractable landing gear manufacturers have scale units available. Take a look at these large (1/5 scale) Robart units

There is a wide range of different sized models of the P-40 available-take a look below for some of them.

The Airfield 1400mm RC P-40

Airfield P-40 !400mm span RC airplane

This RC P-40 Warhawk represents the latest technology available! Of all molded foam construction, this RC airplane comes absolutely complete. A 2.4Ghz radio is included and retracts. Outrunner brushless motor and all servos are installed.

The first video below shows the unpacking and assembly. The second shows the RC P-40 flying.



The flying video seems to indicate a tricky, pitch sensitive flight path. I strongly suspect the balance point is a bit too far aft. Add weight to the nose and/or move the lipo battery as far forward as possible. 

Take a look at this page-The Scale Model RC Airplane and how to find the Balance Point. Also this page may be of help-Radio Controlled Planes and how to Balance them.

I would also suggest using the pushrods in the outermost holes in the control horns, for the first flights. This should tame things down a bit. You can always move them, to get more deflection, as your confidence grows with more flights.

I would also recommend to make the landings as smooth as possible to prevent any damage to the retractable landing gear.

The Airfield 1400mm RC P-40 is IN STOCK

Click here to visit Nitro Planes

The Top Flite P-40 Warhawk Gold Edition Kit

 For a complete change of pace, here is a good old fashioned kit. Top Flite  RC kits are first class and parts fit and overall kit engineering is always top notch.

The RC airplane plans are CAD drawn and all the parts are precision die cut. Construction is of interlocking balsa and ply and also 13 scale parts are included that are vacuum formed ABS.

Top Flite P-40 RC airplane

The split flaps are a nice feature along with 3 full color sheets of model aircraft decals.

The vacuum formed canopy is fully detailed with molded in frame and window details.

Top Flite P-40 nose

A large, molded ABS cowl preserves the P-40,s authentic lines by fully concealing any engine in the recommended range.

I always prefer to coat the inside of an ABS cowl with a layer of fiberglass. This makes it a lot stronger and helps prevent any splitting of the plastic.

The O.S. 65AX

O.S. 65AX RC engine

The O.S.65AX ABL E4010A , shown here, would make an excellent engine  for the RC P-40. Being a 2-stroke RC engine, it is light and powerful.

The 65Ax is a replacement fir the O.S. 61 and is dimensionally interchangeable.

The O.S.65AX ABL E4010A is IN STOCK.

Robart Retracts for the P-40

Robart retracts

An RC P-40 Warhawk MUST have retracts! The best units are made by Robart, who also offer struts and all the support equipment.

The Robart 100 degree Rotating Retracts, Model # 615 are IN STOCK

Robart air kit

The air control kit, contains everything required for the retract installation. The valve has to be actuated by an RC servo (Not included)

The Robart Air Control Kit is IN STOCK.

Ziroli P-40 Warhawk Model Airplane Plans

The giant scale RC P-40 plan set is 1/4.8 scale and consists of five large sheets that clearly illustrate all structure as well as showing installation of flaps and retracts. The plan shows the installation of Robart retracts, fixed wire gear, servos and features one piece wing. The basic structures use conventional “modeling” tools and materials such as balsa and plywood, and the techniques are straightforward; easily accomplished by anyone with previous model building experience.

If you do not wish to cut out your own parts, one Ziroli has a complete short wood kit available, This kit contains all the formers and wing ribs but does not contain the standard wood that you can usually find at the hobby store.

A fiberglass fuselage is available, along with fiberglass strut fairings, belly pan and drop tank. A vacuum formed canopy is also available. A 61/2 " aluminum spinner is offered, as well as scale exhaust stacks.   

Robart retracts are available and will complete this beautiful RC P-40.

Take a look at this model from Ziroli.

Jerry Bates Curtiss P-40 Model Airplane Plans

Jerry Bates has 3 different RC P-40 plans to offer. Take a look at the web site, for a look at the different models that are available.

I found this site and just love the beautiful attention to detail, the builder takes. Take a look here and learn from a master builder!

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