A great RC aircraft sound system: The Version 4.1 Base Unit

This RC aircraft sound unit is the latest from MR RC Sound. Speaker less! Light weight. Full specs and details here. Safe and secure payments through PayPal.

Please note that MR RC Sound units are no longer available!

Mr RC Sound V4.1 unit

Please look at the latest unit with all the improvements- The MR RC Sound Aspire Unit by clicking here!

A revolution in how sound is produced for your RC aircraft. The brand new TT-25 transducer replaces the Max2-SPL speaker. The whole airplane becomes the speaker and no cheater sound hole is required for the sound to escape.

This RC aircraft sound system is best suited for airplanes with a wingspan of 1200 to 1600mm (43" to 63"). In some cases it may be possible to squeeze it in to smaller models, depending on space available in the fuselage. It needs room for the PC board (2 7/8" x  1 7/8" x 1" high) and space for the 2" diameter x 1' high transducer. total weight is now 4 oz.

The unit now features one PC board, as shown in photo above.

The V4 card is completely new and re-designed from the ground up. Here are the major

  • It is now all one card. The sound card, amplifier, and voltage regulator are on one dual sided card, approx. 2.7" x 1.9". This means it is smaller, lighter, and has less connections that may cause problems.
  • The processor and memory are different, and larger. This allows for more complex, higher quality sounds.
  • The unit comes with a default set of 6 engine sounds - Continental, Lycoming, Merlin, P&W Double Wasp, Daimler Benz 801 and a Generic Turbine.
  • The RC aircraft sound unit has a total of 3 inputs for additional gun sound, bomb drop/explosion, whistle, or "clear
    prop!" sounds.
  • .The unit will support up to 8, higher quality, engine sounds. Plus an Aux. sound pack for the 3 inputs. Sounds will be selected by a push button.
  •  Sounds are on a removable chip, holding up to 6 engine sounds, plus additional sounds. This allows different sound sets of 8 sounds to be used on one unit. In the future, we plan on carrying a number of stock sound sets/chips and should be able to do custom sound sets on request.

The new version V4.1

The Mr RCSound V4.1 unit

Continuous improvement brings us to the latest innovation in RC aircraft sound. The new units feature the following features-

  •  Many detail improvements, that enhance performance and reliability, including built in chokes and a large fuse, along with voltage protection.
  • An Automatic Airplane Finder is now built in! If no throttle input is made for a period of about 3-4 minutes, the system assumes the airplane has gone down, and emits loud finder 'beeps".
  • Auxiliary outputs for a second amplifier. Now you can plug in a second amplifier of your own choice or use our Amplifier/Regulator Upgrade Unit, to convert the Base Unit to a 4-speaker "Ultra" unit that can produce up to 112db at 1m!

V4 and TT-25 transducer videos

Card layout and configurations

The MRRCSound V4.1 with details explained

Card layout:

Here we can see-

  • The JST power connection
  • The left and right speaker connections
  • The volume control
  • The LED outputs for machine gun lights
  • The replaceable memory chip (Sound Pack)
  • The four servo connections
  • The selector button


By pushing the selector button once, you can "step" through the following sound configurations-

Airplane selected

Servo 1

Servo 2

Servo 3

Servo 4


Lycoming Gun 1 "Clear" "Clear prop"


Merlin Gun 1 P51 Whistle Gun 2


Continental Gun1 "Clear" "Contact"


Daimler Benz Gun 1 Stuka siren Stuka cannon


P&W Double Wasp

Gun 1 "Clear" Gun 2


Turbine Gun 1 "Clear" Gun 2

This is the standard sound pack configuration and the other RC aircraft sound packs that are available are-

What's included in this RC aircraft sound unit:

  • The V4.1 card. Size- 2 7/8"x1 7/8"x1" high. Weight=1.5 oz.
  •  The TT-25 transducer-2"diameter and 1" high. Weight= 2.5 oz.
  • 1-male to male servo lead for connection to throttle, via a Y-harness (Not supplied)
  • 1- male JST connector and lead for battery connection, via power Y-connector (Not supplied)
  • Instructions. (Click here to see)

Extra items required:

Ordering information:

Price of a complete MR RC Sound V4.1 Sound Unit-$127.94plus shipping cost. Good for RC airplanes of 43"-63" wingspan or more.

Please note that MR RC Sound units are no longer available!

Customer's comments:

Frank, a return customer: "YES, I really like how you have brought more realism to the RC planes. I really like the "electric" RC planes and heli's but never really liked the way they sounded in the air. You have changed that in a big way. There are a few more planes I want to update with your RC aircraft sound modules"

Robert Bridger (Sussex UK): "What a brill product! All amazing extras. Just what I have been looking for. It just brings all my aircraft to life and for not a lot of money. Thank you all at Mr RC Sound!