The 3 best RC Planes for Beginners

These 3 RC planes for beginners were chosen for their easy to learn flying habits that ensure success 

The basic idea in choosing these 3 RC planes for beginners, was to select models that could almost guarantee success.

Notice I said "almost". Learning how to fly RC planes is not an easy task. It takes good eye to hand co-ordination and the desire to fly at all costs!

The best way, in my opinion, is to join an RC club and use their training program and learn with an experienced instructor. If you combine that with using a good RC airplane simulator, and practicing at home, then you will learn to fly RC planes!

However, some people cannot join a club or would prefer to "go it alone". For those people, take a look at our first choice-the Hobbyzone Sport Cub S. This model can be flown in a large park or field and can be mastered by the novice.

SAFE Technology as applied to RC Planes for Beginners

All 3 models incorporate SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology. This allows 3 levels of control that can be switched as the student progresses. It is similar to a rate switch that sets maximum control surface throws, thus limiting angle of bank and nose-up/down elevation.

When the "Experienced" level is selected, all control throws are at maximum and the model is now under AS3X influences. This is the 3-axes gyro system that stabilizes the flight path and helps correct for wind effects etc. 

It also has a "Panic Button" that can save a model that the pilot has "lost". Just release the sticks and hold down the button and if you have enough altitude the model will recover to straight and level flight. The panic button is then released and normal flight can be resumed.

Horizon Hobby Customer Service

The 3 RC airplanes are all manufactured by Horizon Hobbies. A great advantage of this is the superb after sales service that is available.

If you have any problem, at any point in the process, from getting ready for the first flight to replacing damaged parts or help in understanding details of the system, expert help is just a phone call or e-mail away.

I have used this service for years and I am still amazed by the level of help that is available.

Visit this page for full details.

The Hobbyzone Sport Cub S

This is a model that can be flown in a park and the mixture of SAFE technology and high wing stability means that the complete novice can be successful!

Visit this page for more details

The E-Flite Apprentice S 15e

If you would prefer to join a club and learn to fly on your own or with the help of an instructor(Preferred) then look here for more information.

The Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang S 8cc BNF Gas Trainer

Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang 8cc Gas Trainer

If you would prefer an engine powered beginner RC airplane then look no further!

With the use of SAFE technology it is now possible to recommend this semi scale Mustang as one of the best RC Planes for beginners!

Click here or on the photo to visit a page dedicated to this model.

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