Beginner RC Planes

The best beginner RC planes are discussed in detail. Glow & electric powered models are shown, ensuring your first flight will be successful!

The Hangar 9 Alpha Trainer Beginner RC Plane

The photo below shows the latest rendition of this classic RC trainer plane. This is the Hangar 9 Alpha Trainer, a high wing, tricycle landing gear, very stable and easy to fly model, that with the help of a good flight instructor, will ensure success. 

This beginner plane comes completely finished and ready to fly and includes the 5-channel, RC transmitter, shown in the photo.

This approach does mean that you should join one of the many RC airplane clubs, that offers flight instruction and then the instructor will use a "Buddy Box" to control the plane and will allow the beginner to fly by releasing a button on his buddy box transmitter. Any time the beginner gets into trouble, the instructor can take over control and get the model back into a safe flying attitude.

Before joining the club and purchasing the Hangar 9 trainer, check that the club  instructors use Spektrum compatible transmitters.

If an RC glow plug powered beginner RC plane is what you are looking for, then just click on the photo above, to visit the page on this site that has all the details.

The Hobbyzone Super Cub

The Super Cub comes 100% finished and is ready to fly. This is an RC electric plane that has been the first model for a lot of flyers!

It comes complete with a 4-channel  transmitter or as a BNF type and full details can be found by clicking on the photo above, to take you to the page, on this site.

The Beginner RC Airplane

This page has a lot of information on many types of Trainer type airplanes.

Take a look here to see ARFs, RTFs and even a kit that you can build yourself.

Hobbyzone Planes

Hobbyzone specializes in beginner planes. This page will give you full details of the complete range of electric powered planes.

How to Fly RC Planes

This page describes the basic controls and looks at the various options available to beginners.

Radio types are discussed and the advantage of joining a club is looked at.

 Just click here to visit the page on this site.

Airplane Training

This is a page devoted to RC airplane training. The various methods available are discussed along with a short history of training styles.

 Click here to see this page

Airplane Clubs

How to find a club that is close to you!

The advantages of club membership are discussed along with the many benefits that are available.

Join a club and you can get expert assistance to learn to fly beginner RC planes.

Click here for more information.

Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang

Click here for more details of this trainer with scale looks

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