Aviation books

Aviation books specifically for the RC airplane enthusiast. Design, beginners, construction, flying etc., plus selected airplane books for the scale modeler.

Stack of aviation books

We have decided to start our own Amazon aStore, specializing in aviation books. We will specifically select books and categorize them according to the subject, so that you can hopefully, find the book you are looking for!If you cannot find the one you are looking for, please contact us and we will see if we can add it to the library. If we have read the book, we will include our own evaluation, for your interest. 

For years we have loved books, especially airplane books and have a small library that is severely space limited! If a book is to find itself into our collection, it must be outstanding!

The library is split-up into the following categories, with a web page for each. To view click on the images or links below-

The design of of RC airplanes

Scale Aircraft Models for Everyday Flying book cover

A collection of design books that all help, especially if you are new to creating your own RC airplane.

Some are old but basically evergreen in the advice given and contrast well with the newer publications. 

At the moment there are 9 books on this shelf and I am sure it will expand as time goes by.

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Beginner RC aviation books

"Getting Airborne" book cover

This shelf contains a number of books for the beginner. Take a look and read the reviews to find the copy that you will need to become a proficient RC pilot. 

Before you fly, learn as much as you can about staring in this great hobby. Becoming an "armchair pilot" is perfectly OK as long as it does not interfere with flying time!

Some are old and only available used but are still invaluable to the new flyer.

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Construction and Covering

We all need a reminder of different ways to build an RC airplane. Over the years I have found these aviation books very useful and refer to them constantly.

WW1 planes: A book collection

Sopwith camel Aces of World War 1 book cover

A collection of books, showing many details and history of this fascinating era in aviation.

Airplanes would be introduced as the latest technology and be obsolete within a few months.

As well as books, I have included  a CD of "Aircraft on Profile". This disk has all 262 volumes of the fabled scale reference. It is available now at a very reasonable price and I urge you  to take advantage of this offer whilst it is available!

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