The RC engine sound simulator: Mixed engine sound pack

Plug in mixed engine sound pack for the RC engine sound simulator offered by MrRCSound. Full specs, photos and details here. Safe and secure payments through PayPal.

This unit is a small plug-in module, that replaces the standard unit on the V4 circuit board. Gently remove the existing unit and carefully press in the new unit to generate a genuine, realistic multi engine airplane sound.

Please note that MR RC Sound units are no longer available!

The Mr RC Sound V4.1 board, showing sound pack location.

This photo shows where the pack is located on the V4 circuit board, (See red arrow)

The sounds available are-

  • Lycoming twin
  • B-25
  • Double Wasp Jr. 985 (Beaver)
  • Daimler Benz 605
  • Turboprop

Note that this pack has only 5 sounds because some of the start up and shut down sequences are VERY LONG and very realistic.

Also note that various auxiliary sounds are also available on this RC engine sound simulator via the Servo 2,3 and 4 connections. When connected up each sound is available by using the appropriate switch on the transmitter.These are specific to the sound selected and include gun, cannon and other appropriate sounds.

Configuration of this RC Engine Sound Simulator Sound Pack:

By pushing the selector button once, you can "step" through the following sound configurations-

Airplane selected

Servo 1

Servo 2

Servo 3

Servo 4


Lycoming twin Gun 1 "Clear" "Clear prop"


B-25 Gun 1 Bombs Gun 2


Double Wasp Jr. 985 (Beaver) Gun 1 "Clear" "Contact"


Daimler Benz 605 Gun 1 Stuka siren Stuka cannon



Gun 1 "Clear" Gun 2

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I use this chip in my E-Flite de-Havilland Beaver. For full details you can visit this page on this site.

I particularly like the start-up sequence that sounds very realistic. Before firing up the engine I use the "Clear" and "Contact" when the "pilot" makes these announcements, via 2 auxiliary channels.

In the air the Beaver sounds very realistic and after a perfect landing (I hope!) the taxi back to the pits is finished off with all the "pops" and "bangs" of the shut-down sequence. In all a very satisfying experience that always gets everyone's attention!

I use 2 TT-25 transducers that are attached to the inside of the Ultracote covering. I epoxied a 1/8" thick piece of foam to the inside of the fuselage, just behind the cockpit. To this the TT-25's were glued. (One on each side). This arrangement has worked out well.