The RC Flight Simulator and Learning to Fly RC SUCCESSFULLY!

The RC Flight Simulator is the painless method of learning to fly RC! It is very easy to turn your model into matchsticks but training on a sym. can improve your skills rapidly.

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RC Flight simulators have come a LONG way in the last few years. Along with great strides in realism the price of a good system has dropped dramatically! In fact I will go as far as to say, that ALL beginners should invest in one.

RC Airplane Controls

The basic RC airplane has 3 or 4 flight controls. A separate channel of the radio controls each channel. A 3-channel model has control over the rudder (left and right yaw), the elevator (raise and lower the nose) and the throttle (high and low.)

The addition of a fourth channel adds control of roll by using ailerons (roll left and right.) The RC flight simulator transmitter module, shown above has 2 joysticks. The left stick controls rudder by moving the stick to the left or right and the throttle by moving up (high throttle) or down (low throttle).

The right stick controls ailerons by moving left or right and the elevator by moving up or down. Please note that all channels are fully proportional. (A small movement of the stick produces a small movement of the control surface and larger movements at the stick produce proportionally larger deflections of the control surfaces.)

Also note that all transmitter control functions are spring centered except the throttle which is ratcheted( i.e. it stays where it is put)

Note that the above described control arrangement is known as MODE 2.

MODE 1  is also available (The stick functions are reversed from left stick to right stick) For many reasons we recommend MODE 2-more details later.

Control Reversal

The biggest problem newcomers have to overcome is that of CONTROL REVERSAL.

Let me explain- when a model is flying away from you LEFT is LEFT and RIGHT is RIGHT.

Now then, what happens when a model is flying towards you? Now the controls are apparently reversed! LEFT is RIGHT and RIGHT is LEFT!

It is a lot easier, using the flight simulator to learn this basic lesson and certainly a lot less expensive! In fact the cost of the unit can be justified after your first simulated crash!

Using the RC Flight Simulator

Once you have your sim. installed and you have explored all of the features in your new toy, you have to start practicing some DISCIPLINE!

 Because there are no consequences from crashes, it is all to easy to crash into everything and just watch your airplane re-assemble itself electronically! 

Of course in the real world this does not happen-a crash  usually means the flying session is over and you have some re-building to do as well as some money to spend!

So practice take-offs and landings and flying in an oval flight path, over a normal flying field. Use the closest trainer type model to your real model and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

As well as learning the basics, the  rc flight simulator can be used for learning all the aerobatic maneuvers, including 3D. You can fly jets and helicopters and lots of different models in many situations. The better modules are continually updated with all the latest models and technology. This means that your initial investment is protected and you can easily keep up with the latest advances.