RC jets represent, in many ways, the ultimate RC airplane. The last 5 years have seen tremendous advances in technology that has allowed any jet to be accurately built and flown.

This photograph depicts the Fairchild A-10 twin engine jet. This model is available as a kit, from Skymasterjet.com. It is powered by 2 miniature gas turbine engines. A few years ago the only way to model this airplane would have been to use ducted fans. The superb photo is from the Skymaster web site.

The site has full details of a wide range of giant scale RC turbine planes. These are all molded from fiberglass and can either be purchased with a white gell coat finish or be professionally spray painted in a variety of scale finishes.

Retracts and extra scale details, as well as detailed cockpits and wonderfully detailed pilot figures are also available.

The Electric Ducted Fan ( EDF Jets)

As the name suggests, this option uses electric power. It can be used in all sizes of jets, from the smallest Ready To Fly simple  sport model to the multi-engined super scale model.

For more information on this type of propulsion and examples of what is available today, visit this page.

The Electric Ducted Fan Unit 

The fan unit is the heart of the electric jet plane. The advent of the modern brushless electric motor has meant that the speed and power required for efficient ducted fan power is now possible.

Take a look at this page for more details of the electric ducted fan

The RC Turbine Powered Plane

The a-4 Sky hawk makes into a beautiful scale model powered by an RC turbine engine.

For more details of the modern R/C turbine plane, take a look at this page.

R/C Gas Turbines

The ultimate power source for modern RC jet airplanes. This is a REAL gas turbine. Computer technology and the latest materials has brought the miniature gas turbine to the field of model jets. For the most experienced flyers only! Please be advised that this is the most expensive of all the options!

Read more about RC gas turbines by visiting this page.

Model RC Jets ( Propeller Powered)

This system has been around the longest. In the air the propeller is all but invisible and some very realistic scale models can be flown.

Take a visit to this page, dedicated to propeller driven   model  jets, for more details of models available.

Turboprop Model Jet Engines Explained

Wren turboprop sectioned

The latest 2-stage turbines are shown and simplified. The Composite ART Tucano is featured along with links to manufacturers.

Visit this page for the latest information on Turboprop Model Jet Engines.

RC Electric Jets

The HSD F-16 RC Electric Jet

This form of model jet has developed dramatically over the last few years. Take a look here for more details. 

The Freewing Phantom

RC Phantom

A beautiful rendition of this very popular RC Jet. 90mm diameter fan unit and robust retractable landing gear makes grass take-offs easy!

Click here or on the image for more details.

The E-Flite Viper Jet

E-flite RC Viper Jet 90mm

A great flying RC jet with a powerful 90mmEDF and super metal retracts makes grass takeoffs and landings a pleasure. Thrust reversing is also possible.

Click here or on the image for full details

The Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II

This is a big A-10 Thunderbolt that uses a pair of 80mm EDF units and takes off and lands on grass runways.

Super scale and less than an hour in assembly!

Click here or on the photo to visit the page on this site.

The FMS Super Scorpion EDF

FMS Super Scorpion 90mm EDF PNP

A great flying FMS Super Scorpion jet with a powerful 90mm EDF and super metal retracts makes grass takeoffs and landings a pleasure. Thrust reversing is also possible.

Click here or on the image for full details

The Phoenix Preceptor ARF

Phoenix Preceptor ARF RC EDF Jet.

All laser cut balsa and ply construction. No foam here! Large size along with a 90mm EDF makes this a sweet flying jet.

Click here or on the image to see full details.

The RC Hawker Hunter Kit

All Balsa and ply kit by RBC. 90mm EDF unit required. Large wing area jet makes into a sweet flyer.

Click here, or on the image, to visit the page.

The Flex Innovations FlexJet Pro 90mm EDF ARF+

Flex Innovations FlexJet Pro 90mm EDF ARF+

State-of-the-art ARF Jet, features no foam construction, with professionally sprayed fiberglass fuselage and built-up balsa and ply flying surfaces, covered in film.

Click here or on the image to visit the page, on this site.

The Flex Innovations F-100D Super Sabre 90mm EDF Super PNP

A beautiful rendition of the classic century series jet. EPO composite construction comes very complete and fast, easy assembly is assured. 

Click here, or on the image, to visit the page on this website.

The JP Hobby Retractable Landing gear" ER 005 Metal Strut


Ideal for replacement or for scratch building.

Max model weight=6 kg (13.2 lbs)

All electric and electric brakes are available.

Click here to visit the page on this site for full details

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