Scale RC Helicopters maybe the Ultimate Remote Controlled Helicopter

 Scale RC helicopters look and fly like a full size machine. Scale model helicopters are available in all sizes.

Photo shows the Thunder Tiger Mi-24 Hind scale helicopter. This is a very nice shot, that shows what scale RC Helis are all about! The only thing that tends to give things away is the glow engine exhaust.

Believe it or not the photo at left of  the Thunder tiger Raptor 50 SE  Is the same basic remote controlled helicopter!

This situation is somewhat unique to scale model helicopters, where it is possible to "dress up" a standard model with a a scale fuselage.

The Raptor 50, in it's standard form, is like all other non-scale radio controlled helicopters, a pod and boom style.

The "Pod". at the front of the fuselage is covered by a semi-scale housing, under which all the mechanics of the RC helicopter are housed.

The "Boom" is the aluminum or carbon fiber tube that extends to the tail and carries the tail rotor. This is the simplest form a helicopter can take.

If you are like me -a scale NUT, Then you will find the above photo of the Hind absolutely irresistible! However, if you are a beginner RC helicopter pilot, then please resist the temptation and start with a micro helicopter, maybe of the coaxial type. (Click here for more info.) Learn to fly a single rotor helicopter well first, before advancing to the more complex ( and more expensive ) scale models.

Even if you are a competent single rotor pilot. it still makes a lot of sense, to build the pod and boom version first and prove it out and completely de-bug the simple version, prior to building the full scale version.

If a scale RC helicopter crashes, the result is usually a complete right-off! This is obviously expensive and tough on the owner!

Part of the price to pay, for those beautiful scale looks is far less accessibility to the interior, for maintenance and service. This is a fact for all types of RC airplanes- scale pilots do not seem to mind!

Almost all of the scale fuselages available include the parts required to modify the tail rotor. Full size machines invariably have the tail rotor higher than the top of the boom so the parts are usually included.

The photo, above, from the Thunder Tiger web site, shows the complete kit, spread out for you to see. This shows that scale RC helicopters can be complex-but I think that is what the scale modeler loves!

This photo shows the retract gear, in the raised and lowered positions. Note also the weapons pods and see that this chopper has wings!

Here we can see the upper and lower access doors open and see inside the helicopter. The muffler can be seen as well as the throttle servo arm. Not like a pod and boom set up is it?!

One last photo of the Hind, this time on a fly by. This scale beauty is not intended for 3D maneuvers! Because of the extra weight, ( 11.4 lbs all up ) I doubt if that would be possible anyway! Fly it like it looks and keep all  maneuvers scale like!

I did come across this site that has a lot of information on The Thunder Tiger Hind, and a LOT of photos! Take a look here-RC

Scale RC Helicopter Pros:

  • Beautiful scale fiberglass fuselage, and all the hardware included.
  • Kit includes retractable landing gear.
  •  High positioned tail mechanism is included.
  •  Many scale details included.
  • Comes complete with an authentic Soviet Air Force camouflage scheme.


  • Not available as an electric powered version.
  • Electric power would be my preference- more scale like noise and no fuel smoke!

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