RC Electric Helicopters are the most popular of the remote controlled helicopters available

RC Electric Helicopters come in all sizes, from micro helicopters to the largest RC helicopters available.

Electric helicopters have come a LONG way in the last few years. I believe it is true to say that electric helicopters are  the most popular of all the types of remote controlled helicopters available today.

RC Electric HelicoptersPhoto shows the E-Flite Blade 450 3D Electric Helicopter

Why You Should Buy RC Electric Helicopters

Reasons for the popularity of electric helicopters -

  1. New lithium polymer batteries technology
  2. The latest Brushless RC Electric Motors
  3. Today's RC Airplane Radios
  4. The RC ESC (Electronic Speed Control)

Performance wise the electric helicopter is at least equal to any other power source of the modern RC helicopter. Compared to Gas or Nitro RC helicopters, they are very simple to operate and require the minimum of field support equipment.

To day's Li-Po batteries give ample flight time and the batteries are easy to exchange, so it is quite practical to spend the whole day at the flying field.

The modern Micro Helicopters are amazing technological choppers that would be impossible to have with any other power units. Electric is the only way to go for these miniature marvels! Their popularity means they can be mass produced and thus the price can be very competitive.

One tip I can pass on is to stay away from the electric helicopters that use a separate motor for the tail rotor. Apparently the response time is slower than the type that uses a belt or shaft drive from the main gearbox.

A phenomenon known as "tail blowout" can occur where it is difficult to keep the heli from rotating about the main axis.

Advantages of RC Electric Helicopters compared to Nitro RC Helicopters

  1. Easier to set-up- no carburetors to adjust or fuel systems to bother with.
  2. Very reliable in flight-far lass chance of a motor stoppage.
  3. Low operating cost (No fuel to buy)
  4. Much quieter operation, sounds like a turbine and you can hear the rotor 'WOP-WOP"
  5. No messy oil to clean up and no fuel residue on the helicopter or on the electronics.

Disadvantages of Electric Helicopters

  1. The cost can still be higher then a nitro helicopter-but every day the price gap is closing!
  2. You may have to wait longer, between flights, for batteries and ESC's to cool down or charge up.

All in all, it is easy to see why electric helicopters are so popular today-maybe the most popular category in the whole field of  RC airplanes!

What is the best mini RC helicopter for a beginner ?

The answer to this question may very well be the Blade 200 SR X RTF with SAFE® technology.

The Blade 200 SRX RTF

SAFE® technology is a system of gyros that stabilize the flight pattern and allow different control throws to be switch accessed, as the beginner advances in flying abilities.

It also includes a "Panic" switch which can be very useful when the pilot finds him or her self in a "frightening" flight position.

When actuated, the built in stabilization gyros are activated and the helicopter returns to a normal. upright hover attitude.

This is a fixed pitch machine which is simpler but not as maneuverable as a collective pitch heli.

Note that the RTF letters in the name refer to the fact that this is a Ready To Fly helicopter and includes everything to fly. (Including an RC transmitter). You do not need to buy anything else except maybe a spare battery to enable you to fly whilst a battery is being charged. 

Beginner RC Helicopter Videos

This is an excellent video made by the manufacturer (Horizon Hobby) and shows the superb flying qualities.


  • Fixed pitch means this is a simpler RC helicopter, with less maintenance and more flight time.
  • Fixed pich is easier to learn with
  • Safe® technology with panic button recovery
  • Flight time up to 10 minutes
  • Everything is included
  • Superb Horizon after sales service. (Use the call back option)


  • Fixed pitch means slower response and less manueverability
  • No re-chargeable battery for the RC transmitter
  • Could be more robust (especially for beginners)

Best Beginner RC Helicopter Collective Pitch

If a fully aerobatic helicopter is your target then why not start out with a collective pitch machine that is easy to fly?

Now Blade's SAFE® technology is applied to a collective pitch, flybar less heli and a beginner can learn to fly with it!

The Blade 230S RTF is absolutely complete and nothing else is required to fly.

The "Panic" switch of the SAFE® sytem can save a chopper that is in a "lost "flight position and return it to safe, upright flight.

The 3 flight modes mean you can engage in more demanding flight patterns as your confidence grows.

RC Electric Helicopters Videos

The best idea may be to start out with the 200 SRX described above and make the 230 S your second machine and use it as an aerobatic trainer.


  • Collective pitch blades means better and faster aerobatics
  • Safe® technology with panic button recovery
  • Everything is included, ready for flight.
  • Excellent after sales service 


  • A little harder to fly, for the beginner
  • No re-charger battery provided for the RC transmitter
  • Could be more robust

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