The Ideal Beginner RC Helicopter: The Blade SR RTF

Maybe the second beginner RC helicopter you fly, after you have mastered a coaxial RC helicopter. 

The Blade SR RTF

The Blade SR RTF target market is the individual who would like to learn how to fly RC helicopters, of the cyclic pitch variety and has probably flown a coaxial RC helicopter, such as the Blade Scout Micro RC Helicopter.

The Blade SR is 100% complete and sells for around $200.

With a rotor diameter of 21.8" and a total weight of 12oz. the SR can be flown indoors or can tolerate light winds outdoors.

This heli comes out of the box, with special programming that gives a softer climb and pitch and roll response around the center of the stick movement. This feature makes it a lot easier to fly and will make your RC helicopter training a lot easier!

What is in the Box of this beginner RC helicopter?

Blade SR RTF kit box
  1. The super looking, high gloss body that appears to be available in red or blue.
  2. The E-Flite HP6DSM 6-channel, 2.4GHz RC transmitter (a $100 value!)
  3. A  lipo battery . A 3S 11.1V 1000mAh.
  4. A 3-cell balancing charger.
  5. An AC to 12V DC, 1.5 A power supply. This means you can charge at home, as well as at the field.

This beginner RC helicopter is 100 % complete and has been TEST FLOWN. E-Flite say there is nothing else to buy, but maybe an extra battery and a set of training gear should be be considered. 

Model Features

Blade SR RTF interior
  1.   A 3900Kv outrunner brushless motor.
  2. 3-E-Flite D75H Digital helicopter servos.
  3. The RC ESC is an E-Flite 2 in 1 ESC/Mixer.
  4. The Gyro is an E-Flite G110 Heading lock gyro.
  5. The RC receiver is a Spektrum AR 6100e 6-channel.
  6. The Main Frame is a sturdy, shock absorbing 2-piece unit.

All the above features are well proven and reliable components, that have been used in other Blade radio controlled helicopters and spare parts are readily available, to keep you flying!

Blade SR RTF tail rotor

This photo shows the tail rotor motor. (Say that fast-3 times!) Quite a few helicopter experts do not like a separate motor, for the tail rotor. They prefer a belt or shaft drive, from the main motor.

This mechanical connection gives faster reaction and prevents "tail blow-out". However, the electronic technology is always improving and the beginner RC helicopter pilot may take a while before he can tell a difference. 

Training Gear

E-Flite Training gear set

This is an option you should seriously consider for your RC helicopter training,   E-Flite Training Gear Set: BSR 

The training gear forms a large X and fixes to the standard landing skids.

This arrangement makes the RC helicopter very stable, when idling and greatly improves the conditions, when learning to hover. If this is your first attempt at RC helicopter training, then I strongly recommend you order a set! 

How does it Fly?

Blade SR RTF flying

As long as this is not your first attempt with a beginner RC helicopter, then I think you will find the Blade SR to be an exciting and challenging RC helicopter.

Remember that this is not a toy helicopter, but a full function, single rotor, cyclic pitch machine. Please use the training gear and if possible, practice a lot with a good RC Flight Simulator

If you have done some flying with coaxial or fixed pitch RC helicopter, then flying the Blade SR will be that much easier.

If you stick with it, then you will be a full fledged, cyclic pitch heli pilot!


This video shows what can be done with this electric helicopter. Please, if you are a beginner, do not expect to fly like this, out of the box!


Pros :

  • Solid value for the money at less than $200 for the complete system.
  • Ideal for those who have some coaxial RC helicopter experience.
  •  Nice, smooth flying machine.
  •  10 minute flight times are possible with the standard flight pack.
  • The red body is that much easier to see than the blue and is recommended.
  • Spare parts are available and will be required. (Tail rotor motor and blades are easy to suggest)

Cons :

  • Not as easy to fly, as advertised, but can still be a lot of fun and it will teach you to control a cyclic pitch machine.
  • Tail motor life is suspect and "tail blow-out" may be a problem.
  • The RC transmitter has been internally programmed for the Blade SR and cannot be used to control other models.


The majority of the reviews were very positive regarding this beginner RC helicopter and disappointments were largely due to expecting the Blade SR to fly like a coaxial. 

People did complain about tail motors burning out ,but were pleased when Horizon Hobby (The manufacturer) replaced it free of charge.

One chap said that his beginner RC helicopter flew right out of the box, whilst another said he had problems, but he was able to solve them. The training gear was mentioned as a very positive asset, by a number of pilots.

The  E-Flite Blade SR RTF Electric Micro RC Helicopter is in stock.

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