Micro Helicopters make great Indoor RC helicopters

Micro helicopters are the most fun for your hobby dollar, in the world of RC Electric Helicopters!

E-Flite Blade Micro CX RTF helicopter

The photo shows the E-Flite Blade Micro CX RTF Helicopter.  You will notice that it has 2 sets of rotor blades. This feature is the primary reason why this is the easiest to fly of all the micro helicopters. The blades contra-rotate. This makes for a very stable electric helicopter, that you can fly in your living room! These little gems are also known as Micro Coaxial RC Helicopters. 

In my opinion these are not toy helicopters, but they are true hobby grade RC helicopters, with 4 channels of true radio control ( not Infra red control) and a gyro to help in the flying department. Don't get me wrong, the toy helicopters definitely have their place and have introduced a lot of people to flying. They can be purchased for under $30.00 and deserve a place in the hobby

Micro Helicopters-How they work

As you can see in the above photo, these helicopters do not have a tail rotor. This is because the contra-rotating (i.e. 1 set of blades rotate clockwise and the other set rotate counter clockwise.)

Rotor blades have no resulting reaction torque imparted on the fuselage. A conventional single blade set helicopter uses the tail rotor to counter the tendency of the fuselage to rotate about the rotor blades.

Each set of blades is driven by it's own motor and these motors can be sped up or slowed down together and independently. When both increase in speed, more lift is generated and the small RC helicopter will climb.( and vica-versa) If the speed of one set of blades is different then a resultant torque is imparted on the fuselage, giving a turn or yaw command or if held on, by the pilot, then a pirouette maneuver is the result.

A further control is found in the lower set of blades. Here we have full cyclic pitch control, via a swash plate-just like the bigger outdoor electric helicopters!  So we can now see how the micro helicopter can fly and maneuver just like its larger outdoor cousins.

 Please note that these micro helicopters should only be flown outdoors, in a dead calm!  The maximum forward speed is quite low and for these micro RC helicopters to be successful outdoors, there must be NO headwind!

The E-Flite Blade mCX RTF Helicopter

This is the smallest of the Blade series of micro helicopters, at 7.5"rotor diameter and 1 oz, weight, but maybe the most fun! To incorporate all this technology into such a tiny package is simply incredible! There are 2 RC electric motors, servos, Li-Po battery and a gyro built in.

This gem utilizes the latest 2.4 GHz radio control system and is completely built and ready to fly. It is test flown and set up at the factory and comes absolutely complete, in either a RTF version ( with transmitter) or a Bind and Fly set-up that can use your existing Spektrum 2.4GHz transmitter.

Watch a video of the Blade mCX or if you require more info, or to buy, just click here or on the photo, at left.

The E-Flite Blade mCX2 RTF Helicopter

This is an update of the very popular Blade mCX and features a full, scale like body. The motors are more powerful and a 120 mAh li-po battery is featured.

Like the mCX, the 5 in 1 control board contains-the DSM2 receiver, 2 linear servos, the yaw rate gyro, and the RC ESC, controlling the 2 RC electric motors.

Maybe the most striking feature are the flashing, multi coloured strobe LEDs. Now you can have even more fun by flying in the dark!

Another new feature is the adjustable servo connections to the swash plate. This feature gives more control response and faster speed.

Watch the video from Horizon, for more details or if you require more information, or wish to buy ( The mCX2 makes a great gift!)-click on the photo.