The RC Quadrocopter: The Blade mQX RTF and BNF

The latest RC Quadrocopter by Blade, with AS3X 3-axis gyro system. Lots of fun with the latest micro RC helicopter.

Blade mQX

Now Horizon Hobby has joined the Quadrocopter market with the Blade mQX. This 4-rotor chopper is available as an RTF model or as a BNF.

The new E-Flite AS3X 3-axis gyro system is utilized. Already used on the Gee Bee R2 BNF and the Hyper Taxi BNF RC Park Flyer, the AS3X system is combined with a 4-channel receiver,4-RC ESCs and a mixer on one circuit board.

The Blade mQX RC Quadrocopter Described

Blaed mQX plan

The mQX is sleek and very high-tech quadcopter. The AS3X gyro system, allows flying indoors or even outdoors, in a dead calm or breezy. The gyro system gives a pilot a lot of confidence and the feeling of flying a much larger RC helicopter.

RC helicopter pilots with a little experience will enjoy this model the most. It is not recommended as a beginner RC helicopter.

Note that this RC quadrocopter comes with 2 black props and 2 white ones. This will help with orientation! It is always a problem with quadrocopters-which way is it flying!

To further confuse the issue, Blade have made it possible to fly the mQX in two different flight modes. They are called "X-mode" (as shown in the above photo) and +-mode. When in +-mode the fuselage can be rotated 45 degrees and you can now fly with one propeller leading.

Kit Contents, RTF Version. (Ready-To-Fly)

Blade mQX kit contents
  • 1-Blade mCX  quadcopter                                                                
  • 1- 2.4GHZ DSM2 4-channel RC transmitter.
  •  1- Lipo battery-1S 3.7V 500 mAh
  •  1-- Celectra 1-Cell Variable rate charger.12V  DC input.
  • 1- AC adaptor for charger.

Kit Contents, BNF Version: (Bind-N-Fly)

Blade mQX BNF kit contents

As the photo shows, this version includes all the components included with the RTF version, EXCEPT the RC transmitter.

This version is a little cheaper and is intended for customers who already possess a compatible, 2.4GHz transmitter that is DSM2 or DSMX compatible.

Extra Components Required:

For the RTF version, everything is included. You may consider purchasing a spare lipo battery to decrease times between flights.


  • Completely built and ready to fly.
  • Spirited performance, indoor or out.
  • AS3X  3-axis gyro system gives rock solid stability and the impression of flying a much larger model.
  •  Black and white propellers help orientation.


  • The 8.5mm brushed motors would be much better if they were brushless. Motor life may be a problem.
  • Difficult to know which is the front or back of the design- orientation is a challenge!

Sorry, but this model is no longer available.

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