Propeller Driven Model RC Jets

Prop Driven Model RC Jets are the simplest and least expensive way to go fly a jet! The prop is invisible in flight-so the illusion is complete.

As shown here, the  White Falcon 120 is a pusher propeller powered, semi-scale model RC jet.  A pusher glow engine is mounted in between the twin booms, as shown in the photo at left. This model is available as an ARF and it is possible to install retracts or use the included fixed landing gear.

Model Specifications

All Fiberglass Fuselage construction with high durability color matched paint scheme. 

The wing design incorporates a high efficiency airfoil using ultra modern construction techniques. 

What's included-

The Super Falcon 120 box comes loaded with all of the bits and pieces that you expect to get with a premium ARF and features all laser-cut balsa and fiberglass fuselage construction.

* Fixed landing gear included w/ optional pneumatic or electric retractable landing gear.

Falcon 120 kit

As the photo shows this is a true ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) model. No actual construction is required but a fair amount of assembly is involved. 

Besides the fiberglass fuselage there is a lot of balsa and ply(probably laser cut) structure, covered with a heat shrink film. 

It should be mentioned that it is possible to modify the Falcon 120 to turbine power. This makes this an extremely versatile model! Watch the video for more details.

Model RC jets: Suitable engine

The photo at left shows the OS 120AX, 2-stroke glow engine. This is an ideal engine to power the Falcon 120. OS have been in business for a long time and have built a reputation that is second to none.

The OS 120AX has a speed range of 1800-9500 RPM and a total weight of 22.32oz. Suggested propeller size-15x10-12 or 16x8-10. Of course for this application the prop needs to be a pusher!

By using this link you will gain access to the RC Universe forum thread on the Falcon 120.Just remember that this is a forum and people can say almost anything and get away with it! I take the majority of negative comments with a pinch of salt! However there are many good points made and you can talk to people who have built and flown the Falcon 120.

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