The RC Viper Jet By E-flite: 90mmEDF:BNF&ARF Plus

The RC Viper Jet is modeled from a full size, build it yourself, kit airplane. The model makes a very easy flying model that is ideal for a first RC jet-but not your first RC Plane!

Photo Gallery

Note that with the images below, you can click on them to see a larger image. With some there is also a magnifying glass to see even finer detail.

All photos are from the Horizon Hobby web site.

RC Viper Jet by E-flite
RC Viper on fast flyby.
RC Viper on fast flyby.
RC Viper on fast flyby.
RC Viper on fast flyby.
RC Viper on fast flyby.
RC Viper on fast flyby.
RC Viper on final.
RC Viper landing.
RC Viper landing.
RC Viper.
RC Viper.
RC Viper.
RC Viper.
RC Viper.
RC Viper.
RC Viper.
RC Viper.
RC Viper.
RC Viper.

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Features of the E-flite RC Viper Jet

E-flite 70mm and 90mm RC Vipers compared

Scaled up from the very popular E-flite 70mm version, this scale sport RC Viper jet has a wide speed envelope with a top speed of 120MPH.

Smooth handling makes this RC jet a perfect choice for the newer jet pilot as well as the more experienced.

The image shows the 2 versions side by side and shows that this version is a BIG model!

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E-flite Viper 90mm EDF Jet

  • Scale: 1/6 approx.
  • Wingspan: 55.12" (1400mm)
  • Length: 50.43" (1282mm)
  • Wing Area:  474 sq." (30.6dm squared)
  • Wing Loading: 34.94 oz. Sq. Ft(106.62 g/dm squared)
  • Weight: 7.04lbs(115oz)(3193g)-inc. 6S 5000mAh battery
  • CG-10mm (+/-7mm) Back from edge(See manual)
  • Fan-90mm diameter- 12 blade
  • Power system-6S 5000mAh+30C
  • ESC- 130A brushless
  • Motor- 3670-1950Kv
  • Thrust:- 3550g(7.81lbs)
  • Electronic retractable main gear and steerable nose gear with all metal shock absorbing struts
  • Ailerons-Yes
  • Elevator-Yes
  • Rudder-Yes
  • Flaps-Yes
  • Lights-Yes
  • Hinge Type-Nylon reinforced.
  • Material-EPO foam
  • Motor Reversing: Possible
  • Technology: Smart,AS3X & SAFE
  • Skill Level-New or experienced jet pilot
  • Build Time-Less than 1 hour
  • Recommended Environment-Outdoor 300 ft. min runway or short grass

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Parts Included

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Extras Required

  • Transmitter-DSMX/DZM2 compatible. 6 channel for basic, or 7 channel for SAFE select, or 8 channel for SAFE select and motor reversing
  • 6S 22.4V, 4000-7000mAh Lipo battery with EC5 or IC5 connector
  • Suitable charger

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This video is long (1 hour and 40 minutes), but it shows unboxing and building- at the flying field! and many flying sessions.

Here we have the official Horizon Hobby video that shows excellent flying shots as well as grass take offs and landings.

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Click here or on the image to access a PDF version of the manual. 

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  • Super scale appearance
  • Very good scale detail
  • Very complete package
  • Superb flight performance for new and experienced jet flyers-but NOT for beginners!
  • No "cheater" holes
  • Good for smooth grass operation
  • Reverse thrust possible
  • Many spare parts available

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  • White areas are bare foam-should be painted.

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I have not found any mods suggested-maybe this RC Viper jet is still new. You can take a look at the RC Groups forum by clicking here. Lots of comments and some good tips but a LOT of postings!

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EDF Information

FMS 90mm EDF

I found this information on the RC Castle web site and it does contain a lot of details, including an installation drawing. Click here  or on the image, to visit the site

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The E-flite Viper 90mm EDF jet is available in two versions, from Horizon Hobby-an ARF Plus and a BNF. The ARF Plus does not contain the EDF, motor, receiver or ESC but does have all the servos and retracts.

For our fellow Canadian customers, you can buy from Great Hobbies and pay in Canadian dollars.

Click here for the BNF version and here for the ARF Plus model.

Please note that the above links to Horizon Hobby and Great Hobbies pages are provided solely for your convenience. We do not receive any commissions or royalties from Horizon Hobby or Great Hobbies. The price you may pay is exactly the same as if you were to approach the sites independently.

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