RC Electric Jets

RC electric jets today, What they are, how they work and a small selection of the latest available.

RC electric jets have come a LONG way in a short time! From small, hand launch semi-scale models that were marginally powered, they have evolved into super scale, large size jets that can rival turbojets for effect and speed.

The price for some is very reasonable for what you get and is a long way below the cost of a turbojet!

Please remember that these RC electric jets fly FAST and in no way are they a beginners model! Learn to fly on something like the Apprentice and than practice, practice on a good simulator, before that first flight with a modern jet.

7 CH HSD Gray & T-Bird Special Edition F-16 Fighting Falcon 105mm RC EDF Jet                        

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This super looking F-16, is available in two colour schemes, the gray camouflage and the US Air Force Thunderbird. The 105mm diameter fan RPM is over 30,000, giving true jet performance and sound!

This is not a toy but a true scale RC electric jet, that in the hands of a competent RC flyer can give amazing results.

  • HSD F-16 Gray side view
  • HSD F-16 Gray
  • HSD F-16 Gray cockpit
  • HSD F-16 Gray
  • HSD F-16 Gray front 3/4
  • HSD F-16 Gray hatch
  • HSD F-16 Gray tailplane
  • HSD F-16 Gray missile
  • HSD F-16 Gray sideview
  • HSD F-16 Gray front view
  • HSD F-16 T-Bird top view
  • HSD F-16 T-Bird front view
  • HSD F-16 T-Bird side view
  • HSD F-16 T-Bird front low view
  • HSD F-16 T-Bird tai view
  • HSD F-16 T-Bird landing gear
  • HSD F-16 T-Bird nose landing gear

HSD Hobby

HSD Hobby are a Chinese company that offer a range of WW2 warbirds as well as a wide selection of RC electric jets, both scale and semi-scale.

All are made from injection molded EPO flex foam and a lot of detail is molded in. It is interesting to note that turbojet versions are offered for some of the jets. I would have thought that foam and jets would not mix, but apparently it is possible! I would be prepared to melt a jet at some point!

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  • Completely finished -just bolt together. No glue is required!
  • 7 operable channels (aileron, elevator, throttle, rudder, retracts, brakes, gyro)
  • Gyro has adjustable sensitivity, via transmitter or can be switched off remotely
  • Pre-installed electromagnetic brake system- high-quality aluminum CNC construction that includes 65mm(2.55") wheels
  • 12-bladed, 105mm  EDF, for turbine-like performance and sound
  •  Wings are completely detachable for storage and transportation-electrical hook-up is auto-plug-in
  • All-metal electric servo-less retracts and landing gear struts for a robust installation and scale appearance
  • Reliable sequencing system for the landing gear doors
  • Steerable nose wheel
  • Full LED navigation package with afterburner simulation
  • Large battery compartment for many battery options 
  • Full accessibility for all electronics such as the EDF, servos, etc
  • Optional leading-edge flaps
HSD F-16 wing plug-in

Photo shows the auto plug-in for the wing servo and navigation lights-nice feature!

The photos below show the 105mm diameter EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) unit. With the 12s battery hooked up, the amperage is 95A and the thrust is 6 kg(13.2lb)

HSD 105mm fan front view
HSD 105mm EDF with motor
HSD F-16 air intakes

Here we can see the air intake "cheater holes". Note no air is ducted from the scale intake, which does allow the substantial landing gear to be accommodated.

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  • Wing Span- 49" (1245mm)
  • Length- 71.2" (1809mm)
  • Power System- 700 kV brushless outrunner motor
  • Fan Diameter- 105mm (4.13")-12 blade impeller
  • Flying weight-13.33lb (6.06kg)
  • Servos- Ten 12g & two 25g
  • Retracts-Super scale servo-less metal
  • ESC-150A Pro brushless with 8A UBEC
  • Battery Required-  12S, 5000mAh, 40C Lipo

Manual                                                                return to contents

The manual is written in good English and is short at 9 pages, but all the important information is covered and there is a detailed wiring diagram. The electrics with all the LED lights etc. is quite complex.

Click here to take a look.

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The video below is narrated in Chinese, but it does have English sub-titles and is well worth a look.

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  • Scale appearance
  • Impressive size
  • Excellent flight performance
  • Easy to access all equipment
  • Good range of spare parts available for this RC electric jet
  • Easy and quick to build, with no glue joints required
  • Built in 3-axis gyro, that is fully controllable from the transmitter
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Colorful LED navigation lights
  • LED afterburner ring at jet exhaust


  • Large, non scale "cheater holes" in fuselage for air ducting
  • Vulnerable to "hanger rash". I would recommend foam brush painting, or spraying with clear polyurethane ("Minwax" is suggested)
  • No white paint is used on the Thunder Bird scheme-Just bare white foam.

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As this is a very new RC electric jet, there are few reviews yet.

I found this one on the internet-

  • The quality is great. Everything works out of the box. No need to upgrade anything. This thing is big 1/8 scale. Flies easy - lands easy and in 12S form it;s fast. .....and did I mention it's huge. I will definetely be buying the thunderbirds version

E-Flite Habu 32x DF ARF RC Electric Jet                 Return to Contents

This RC electric jet is a true ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) RC airplane, in that it is just a basic airframe and does require some simple assembly and installation of servos, receiver,EDF and all electronic components.

The buyer may already possess these components or may have to purchase them separately.

It is a sleek looking airplane that looks fast, just standing still! It is not a true scale model and does require a competent, experienced pilot. 

The retractable landing gear does demand smooth landings and a hard surface runway is almost mandatory. If a grass runway is used, then the grass must be very short and long takeoff runs are the norm.

This is not an inexpensive RC electric jet! I have included a list of extra items required and also links to Red Rocket Hobbies and Amazon for your convenience. If you have to buy all of the extras then you can spend well over a $1000 to get into the air.

  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF
  • E-Flite Habu 32X ADF sport jet EDF

Features                                                               Return to Contents 

  • Vibrant color scheme, using high gloss paint and UltaCote covering
  • Molded fiberglass fuselage with integral vertical stabilizer
  • Completely balsa sheeted wings and horizontal stabilizers
  • Plug-in wings and stabilizers with carbon blade spars
  • Elevators, ailerons and flaps are pre-hinged
  • Main wheel landing gear doors are inlcuded for improved streamlining
  • The removal-able cockpit hatch features a spring loaded catch and cockpit detailing
  • Machined aluminum hub wheels and a complete hardware package are included

Items Needed to Complete                                    Return to Contents 

  1. Transmitter and compatible receiver. Full range and a minimum of 6 channels (Rudder,elevator,ailerons,throttle,flaps and retracts)
  2. 80mm EDF System- E-flite Delta-V 32 EDF recommended
  3. EDF motor-E-flite BL32 Ducted Fan Motor 2150Kv  recommended 
  4. 80 AMP 22.2V brushless ESC-  E-flite 80-amp Pro Switch Mode BEC Brushless ESC recommended  
  5. 6S 5000 mAh 22.2V 30c Lipo Battery
  6. (8) metal gear micro servos- Spektrum A4030 Micro HV Digital Hi-Torque Aircraft servo recommended                                               
  7. E-flite 15-25 tricycle retractable landing gear 
  8. High power AC/DC Li-Po balance charger- see here for more details 

Kinexsis 22.2V 5000mAh 6S 30C LiPo from Red RocketKinexsis 22.2V 5000mAh 6S 30C LiPo from Red Rocket. Click Here.

Item 5-LiPo Battery: 6S 5000mAh 22.2V 30C

Spektrum A4030 Micro HV High Torque Aircraft servoSpektrum A4030 Micro HV High Torque Aircraft servo

Item 6- Spektrum A4030 Micro HV High Torque Aircraft Servo

E-flite 15-25 Tricycle Electric RetractsE-flite 15-25 Tricycle Electric Retracts

Item 7- The E-flite 15-25 Tricycle Electric Retracts

Specifications of this RC Electric Jet                   Return to Contents 

  • Wing Span- 42.0 in (1070mm)
  • Length- 49.5" (1250mm)
  • Power System- 2150 kV brushless outrunner motor
  • Fan Diameter- 80mm (3.15")-5 blade impeller
  • Flying weight-7.05=7.50lb (3.20-3.40kg)
  • Servos- (8) Micro servos
  • Retracts-E-flite 15-25 tricycle electric retracts
  • ESC-80A Pro brushless 
  • Battery Required-  6S, 5000mAh, 30C ,22.2V, 10AWG,EC5,Lipo

Manual                                                                 Return to Contents 

This is a typical Horizon manual, well written in 4 languages and has copious photos explaining the assembly process of this RC electric jet. It makes the assembly a pleasure and if you get stuck, you can always call Horizon and take advantage of their excellent after sales service.

Click here to see the manual

Pros & Cons                                                            Return to Contents 


  • No foam!
  • Fiberglass fuselage and balsa covered wings and tail plane,covered with UltraCote
  • Sleek looks
  • Sparkling performance
  • Quick release battery hatch 


  • Expensive, when all components required are considered
  • No pilot included
  • If grass is used for a runway, then it must be short and plan on a long take-off run
  • Landing gear demands smooth, no bounce landings

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Reviews                                                                 Return to Contents 

The first review I read was very positive (5 stars). The RC electric jet flew very well and gave a 4 minute flight time, leaving 44% capacity left on the 5000mAh battery pack.

The next one was much more negative-typical of what you can see on the internet! The biggest complaint was the cost and the building time. Regarding the building time I cannot see how this ARF can be a long build! There are not that many components.

The E-Flite Habu 32x ARF Duted Fan Sport Jet is in stock. Price=$389.99 with free shipping 

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