The Hangar 9 Beast 100cc ARF

The Hangar 9 Beast is a 33% scale, 100cc airplane for precision and 3D RC aerobatics. 

The full scale aircraft, is the work of Kevin Kimball, an aircraft restoration specialist who collaborated with well known model designer and radio control aerobatics champion Quique Somenzini. How about that! A model designer helping with a full size design! 

The result is a spectacular full size air show performer and the 33% scale model is an outstanding precision aerobatics and 3D performer!  

Hangar 9 have made this biplane  a highly accurate scale plane, constructed of conventional balsa and ply and covered with a spectacular scale UltaCote  color scheme.

The thin wings are designed to give minimum drag but sufficient lift and feature carbon fiber wing tubes.

This giant scale plane has pre-fabricated landing gear with fiberglass wheel pants and a huge fiberglass cowl.

With a wing span of 89" the total weight will be from 26 to 28lbs. 

You may be interested in a micro version of this plane, designed by Quique as well! Take a look at Micro RC Planes: The E-Flite UMX Beast 3D BNF. The pair will look great together!

Construction and Internal Detail of the Hangar 9 Beast

This photo, with the top hatch removed, gives a good idea of the fuselage structure. You can see the laser-cut lite ply , the end of the fuel tank and the rudder servo with pull/pull cable connections.

The construction is typical of today's construction techniques. Notice the extensive lightening holes and cross bracing. This type of part cutting is almost impossible without the use of a laser. 

The Hangar 9 Beast has a comprehensive hardware package and installed hinges and blind nuts.

This shot shows a bit more detail and we can also see the Spektrum receiver and also a JR Matchbox that is used to synchronize multiple servos that are acting on one control surface.

We can also see more clearly, the pull/pull rudder servo. Note the heavy duty servo arm and this servo must be a high- torque model!

Cowl and Powerplant

The fiberglass cowl is pre-painted and split along the horizontal axis and the recommended Desert Aircraft DA 100L engine is easily enclosed. 

Either canister mufflers by MTW or standard in cowl mufflers can be used, The canister type do act like tuned pipes and give increased power.

The 2- bladed model aircraft propeller that is recommended is either a 26x12 or a 26x 10. Please make sure it is well balanced- here are some tips on achieving a well balanced prop-RC Airplane propellers.

The 4-1/2" diameter, gold anodized spinner is available from Hangar 9, but surely should be included!

How about that finish on the cowl! 

Please note that all the above photos are from the Hangar 9 web site.

Radio Requirements

The Hangar 9 Beast requires 7 JR  DS8911HV Ultra Torque Servos or equivalent servos plus a throttle servo. It is vital that the servo torque is a minimum of 470 oz/in, especially on the rudder. 4 servos are used on the ailerons (1-per aileron) and either the transmitter is programmed to synchronize in pairs or a JR Matchbox Servo Matching/Power System is used per wing panel. The elevator requires 1 servo per side and they will also need some form of synchronization.

Of course, Hangar 9 will recommend JR or Spektrum radio components! At least it will give you the detail specifications and of course you can use you favorite brand, as long as the specs are compatible.

The video below shows Quique and some incredible flying shots as well as good model details.

I just came across this video and had to include it! It is quite short but shows a Hangar 9 Beast powered by a Moki 150 radial. I think you will agree with me that is sounds super! it is certainly a change from the usual 3D model!


  • Completely finished and ready for final assembly and equipment installation.
  • Superior design and accurate scale outline and details.
  •  World class performance.
  •  Compact dimensions that only a biplane can give.
  • Superb finish means a model you will be proud to own.
  • Very accurate construction and consistent results.


  • Price maybe on the high side.
  • Scale spinner not included, but offered as extra- at this price, it should be in the box!
  • Hard to find any negative comments!

If this ARF airplane is outfitted as shown here, then it will perform in a truly spectacular fashion and can put on an air show with the best in the world!

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