The Hangar 9 RC P-51D Blue Nose 60 ARF

A complete description of the RC P-51D Mustang. Along with glow and RC gas engine options and full details on how to convert it to an RC electric plane.

Hangar 9 Blue Nose P-51D

This RC P-51D is almost identical, size wise, to the Top Flite version described here, on this page. The Hangar 9 version is a bit more expensive but may very well be worth it.

The first feature to consider is the all metal landing gear. These come complete with a scale like spring loaded strut. This is much preferable to the usual 5/32" wire gear that is usually provided.

These units are mechanical in nature, and  a separate servo is required for each side.

A special spinner was designed, to ensure scale fidelity around the nose. This spinner features an aluminum back plate and a plastic cone. I would guess that an electric starter will mark-up the very nice blue finish very quickly, so you may decide to use a chicken stick or a glove for starting a glow or gas version.

This does bring me to an important point- the Blue Nose was designed from day one as either a glow, gas or an RC electric plane. Electric gear can be slipped in very easily and the magnetically held in top hatch should make lipo battery changing a snap.

P-51D Blue Nose construction details

Hangar 9 P-51D Blue Nose covering

The construction is of balsa and ply, with all sheeted surfaces making the scale surface easier to reproduce. This brings us to one of the key features of this RC P-51D, the covering material is a special, printed, flat silver Ultacote. A lot of panel lines are printed onto the film, along with hatches and notes etc. Notice in the photo here that even rivets are reproduced!

This is a very nice feature that Hanger 9 have included. It brings a level of detail to the ARF industry, that would have been impossible, a short while ago. However, like many things in life, there are a few things to consider, that may raise a few eyebrows!

We should consider reparability, after the dings and knocks of a busy flying schedule. Hanger 9 do offer a special replacement Ultacote covering. This does come as a complete covering unit, with all the detail and including the USAAF markings. Please note that the price is over $90.00! Click here for more details.

Unless a major rebuild is necessary, this is a lot of money to shell out.!

Ultracote is available in a silver color, but I do not believe it comes as a flat finish. I came across this problem, on another project recently and decided to use flat, dove grey Monokote. This looks OK but it is not a direct match for the flat silver. The panel lines and rivet details can be added with a fine felt tip pen. Just make sure, if you are using glow power, that the details are fuel proof!

Power Options

This RC P-51D has more power options than any other model I know of. 

For  a unique engine why not consider one of the new, small gas RC plane engines?

The Saito FG-20, shown here, is not only a gas engine but also a 4-stroke. I believe when flown in the Hanger 9 RC P-51D Mustang, flights can last up to 40 minutes!

An excellent choice of the many RC plane engines available, for the RC P-51, is the Thunder Tiger Pro 61, 2-stroke.  

A 2-stroke is light and powerful and the Thunder Tiger is very well built and should last a lifetime.

Here is the last option for glow RC engines. This is the O.S. FS-91 4-stroke. This will  make an ideal power plant for your RC P-51 Mustang. It is a little heavier than a 2-stroke, but usually a bit of extra weight is required to balance a scale model.

I believe the 90 size 4-stroke is better for this P-51 Mustang, even though Horizon say a 1.20 can be squeezed in. I feel that would be too much power for this size of model, although I am sure some of you will prove me wrong! 

How to convert the RC P-51 to an RC Electric Plane

This model was designed from the beginning to be easily convertible to electric power.

The first item we require is an outrunner brushless motor.

The photo here shows the E-Flite Power 90. As the number suggests, this has the equivalent power of a glow 90. All the hardware is included in the kit for a complete electrical installation of either a Power 60 or Power 90 motor.

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Speed Control unit

A good quality RC ESC is required to work with the motor, lipo battery and the receiver of the P-51D

The Phoenix Edge series is intended for use in helicopters ranging from 450 to 800 size, and fixed wing aircraft up to 1.20 size and larger. As always, the Edge series of controllers offer industry-leading software functions, data logging, and USB programming capability via Castle Link USB adapter (free with included coupon).

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LiPo battery

Last but by no means least is a suitable LiPo battery. The photo shows an E-Flite 5000 mAh, 4-cell/4S, 14.8V Pro Power 30C pack.

2 of these packs are required for a Power 90 installation.

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To sum up, I feel that Hangar 9  have done a first class job on this RC P-51. With such a wide range of power units available, I believe that almost all modelers who are looking for a 60 size scale model will find what they are looking for here!

It features first class balsa and ply construction and a well detailed covering of Ultacote. This model is accurate enough in outline and detail to satisfy the most ardent scale fan.

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Please note that that this model is now discontinued!

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