Westland Lysander RC Model

Seagull Models Westland Lysander

This Westland Lysander RC model is made by Seagull Models in Vietnam. It is an ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) RC airplane that is constructed of laser cut balsa and ply. Covering is Oracover (Known as Ultracote in North America). The covering features a scale paint finish.


  • High quality construction from laser cut balsa and ply
  • Professionally covered in Oracover(Ultracote)
  • Scale matt paint finish
  • Fiberglass cowl-factory painted
  • Fiberglass wheel pants-factory painted
  • Hatches provide access to batteries or tank
  • Accurate scale outline
  • Two piece plug-in wings for easier transportation
  • All hardware for both glow or electric power system

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The  Seagull Westland Lysander RC Model Specifications

  • Wingspan: 118" (2997 mm)
  • Wing area: 1471 sq.in. (94.9 sq.dm.)
  • Flying weight: 22 lbs (10 kg.)
  • Wing loading: 34.4oz/sq. ft.
  • Engine size: 50cc
  • Motor size: Axi 5345/16 HD or equivalent
  • Battery: 10S
  • Esc: 90 A Minimum

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Parts Included

  1. Fuselage
  2. Wing set
  3. Tailplane and rudder
  4. Canopy
  5. Pilot bust
  6. Cowl
  7. Strut assemblies(2)
  8. Wheel pants and fairings (2)
  9. Aluminum Landing Gear (2 part)
  10. Main Wheels
  11. Tail wheel assembly
  12. Complete hardware package
  13.  Manual
  14. Fuel tank

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Extras Required

  • Radio system: At least 8 channel
  • Servos: Eight(8)  high torque.( Minimum 100 oz.in. torque) (2-aileron, 2-flap, 2-elevator, 1-rudder, 1-throttle-Gas version only)
  • Receiver battery: 6.0v 2400-2600Ah NiMH
  • Motor (EP Version): Rimfire 50cc or equivelant
  • Electric Speed Control: 120A
  • Lipo Battery: 33.3-55.5V, 9-15S
  • Propeller (EP version): 22 x 8E to 26 x 10E
  • Engine (Gas version):35-55cc 2-stroke or 40-60cc 4-stroke

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Photo Gallery

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This first video is good quality and shows the Westland Lysander RC model well.

The start-up procedure for a Saito FG60R3, 3 cylinder radial gas engine is depicted as well as good flying shots. At the end are a range of still shots that show good model detail.

The second video is I think from Switzerland and has nice flying shots. On the first landing you can see that the landing gear is very "springy" and requires very soft landings!

This last video shows the maiden flight of the model with the CG position, as stated below.

The end of the video is blurred, but I wanted to show that the CG spot does result in a model that flies!

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The Manual

It is well illustrated with photographs and some drawings, but does lack a certain amount of detail and assumes the builder has more than a basic knowledge in assembling ARFs.

Beware of the stated CG location! ( See here for more information) and I would suggest much more elevator throw than specified, for the all important flare on landings.

Please click here for a look see at the manual.

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  • Apart from long cowl, it has an accurate scale outline
  • Very well constructed from laser cut balsa and ply
  • Beautifully covered in Oracover (Ulracote) and painted in scale camoflage finish
  • 2-piece wing improves transportation problems
  • A different type of Warbird!

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  • Landing gear is on the weak side and demands smooth.soft landings!
  • The cg position stated in the manual is too far forward and makes take-offs very long! (If at all possible)
  • Be careful trying to remove bubbles from the painted covering. If too much heat is applied, the paint can melt!
  • Cowl as supplied is too long. See above photos and notes below regarding a fix.
  • The cowl should have blisters

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Recommended Modifications

  • The cowl is too long, by 2 1/4". Use a razor saw to cut and re-fiberglass, on the inside. See photo.  
  • CG needs to be 3/4 " (19.05 mm) BACK from L.E. of the wing at the root.(Not 1.06" (27 mm) FORWARD of the L.E. as stated in the manual. See this video to show how this position works!
  • The landing gear is on the weak side and could be replaced by a gear with thicker aluminum. TNT Landing Gear has a thicker material replacement. Click here to visit the site
  • Increase servo travels,( by +50%) especially on elevator

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Legend Hobby now sell Seagull models in the USA.

The price from Legend Hobby is $899.95

Click here or on the Logo to visit the site

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