The Phoenix RC Lysander 1/8 scale Version

This RC Lysander is made by Phoenix Models who are a Vietnamese company and have been in the ARF airplane business for 25 years.

I much prefer the balsa and ply models they supply, as compared to the more popular foam types that are currently available. The ARFs are far more durable, both from a finish and strength standpoint.

Phoenix models are now available from Tower Hobbies, who have been in business for a long time and have built up an enviable reputation for excellent customer service. Many spare parts are available.

Phoenix Models Westland Lysander 1/8 scale RC model.

Features of the RC Lysander

  • Construction: Laser cut balsa and Ply
  • Covering: Ultracote
  • Aileron control: Two servos
  • Cowl: Fiberglass and finished painted
  • Landing Gear: Two piece aluminum with wheel pants
  • Motor Mount (Electric version): Plywood
  • Engine mount (GP version): Two piece composite, injection molded
  • Spinner: 3"(76.2mm) Diameter
  • Wheels: 3"(76.2mm) Diameter
  • Canopy: Clear with painted pilot

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  • Wing span: 74.8" (1900mm)
  • Length: 46.5" (1182mm)
  • Flying weight: 7.5-7.9 lb(3.4-3.6 kg)
  • Wing area: 678 sq. in. (43.8 sq,dm.)
  • Wing loading: 26 ozs/sq. ft.(79 g/
  • Servo mount hole: 0/83" x 1.6" (21mm x 42mm)
  • CG: 3.5"(90mm) back from the straight portion of the leading edge of the of the wing.
  • Aileron throw (Low rate): 0.43" (11mm) up and down with 10% expo.
  • Aileron throw (High rate): 0.55" (14mm) up and down with 10% expo.
  • Elevators (Low rate): 0.47" (12mm) up and down with 12% expo.
  • Elevators (High rate): 0.55"(14mm) Up and down with 12%expo.
  • Rudder (Low rate): 1.18" (30mm) Left and right with 15% expo.
  • Rudder (High rate): 1.8" (45mm) Left and right with 15% expo.

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Westland Lysander Books

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Included Parts for the RC Lysander

  • Finished wing,fuselage and tail assemblies
  • Motor mount ( Electric version)
  • Engine mount (GP version)
  • Spinner
  • Fuel tank
  • Wheels
  • Canopy with painted pilot figure
  • All hardware
  • Full instruction manual (Written in GOOD English!)

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Extras required

  • Minimum 4 channel radio
  • Servos required: Five standard size ( 2-ailerons, 1-elevator, 1-rudder, 1-throttle( If using GP version)
  • Receiver battery: 4.8-6.0V 800-1200mAh NiMH
  • Brushless motor( for EP version): Great Planes Rimfire .46-.55 or equivalent
  • ESC: To match motor selected
  • Lipo battery (EP version): 5-6 cells 4000-5500 mAh
  • Engine for GP version: .46-.55 2-stroke or .52 4-stroke

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Photo Gallery

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The video below shows the complete build procedure and is well worth a look!

This video is an official Phoenix Models flight video and has some great shots that show the RC Lysander to good effect. It does show inverted flight which I am sure the full size has never done!

This last video is good because it gives a realistic view of flying the Lysander complete with a few mistakes and bumps!

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The Manual

The manual is well written and easy to understand. It features nice 3D drawings and will take you through the build and set-up procedures. Click here to take a look. It is 48 pages long, which gives an indication of the depth of detail it goes to.

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  • Well constructed
  • Beautiful covering (Much better than I could do!)
  • Scale outline
  • Easy assembly
  • Good flight performance
  • Fits into small space for transportation

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  • No flaps-looks difficult to add
  • CA type hinges-would prefer conventional molded hinge
  • Landing gear has no leg fairings and spats are on the small side.
  • Pilot looks like a civilian rather than a military type and is too big!
  • Nosing over, especially on grass
  • Poor wing strut anchor.

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  • Wing strut fixing on the wing is a wood screw into a ply plate. Use a 1/16" diameter drill and "tap" the thread, using the wood screw (CW and CCW rotation) into the ply. Drop CA into the hole to harden the threads.
  • Have a high elevator rate (Large up elevator deflection) for taxiing, to help with nose overs.
  • You could make landing gear fairings from balsa, but I think that is too much work for a sport scale model.

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I include these links to the appropriate page on the Tower Hobbies site, for your convenience.

I do not receive any commission, so the price is no higher

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Other Lysanders Avaiable

An RC Lysander is now available in 3 different models. Two are giant scale and one is a mid size. All are ARF airplanes (Almost Ready to Fly), constructed of laser cut balsa and ply and covered in Ultracote.