Building a quadrotor: The CWcopter VTquad

The latest quadrotor by CWcopter. RC aerobatic and easy to fly. Available as a BNF or in kit form. See the build review. Use PayPal to buy with confidence.

CW Quadrotor flying
Cw Quadrotor in plan view
CW Quadrotor fuselage

The above photo shows the completed quadrotor. You will notice the position of the lipo battery. This was a mistake by me, but in my defense, the battery position is not mentioned anywhere in the instructions! The model was completed and flown in this configuration. It was later learned, in conversation with the designer and manufacturer, Chris Wilson, that the battery should be positioned lengthwise. The crosswise position shown does result in a more forward balance point, which probably helped, in those first flights! More on batteries and balance points later.

Available as a full kit, or as an airframe only kit or as a completely ready to fly quadrocopter, that has even been test flown for you, prior to shipment. This fun to fly and very aerobatic model is available to suit a wide rang of modelers. It looks like a helicopter but handles like a fixed wing airplane.

Maybe, if you are a competent fixed wing pilot who would like to try a chopper, this could be the way to go!

The Manual

CW Quadrotor manual

The manual consists of 15 pages, printed on both sides, in color.

It is generally well written and clear in its instruction. and logically steps you through the build sequence.

This is not a complicated quadrotor and it took me about 7-8 hours to complete.

The pages are stapled in the upper right corner and I would prefer if the pages were spiral bound. This would make pages easier to refer to as the build continues.


CW Quadrotor parts

You will see the center plate (upper left corner of photo), has a u-shaped slot, that houses the battery. Check now if this width needs to be enlarged to suit the battery you plan on using.

Construction proceeds rapidly of this quadcopter and is simply a case of bolting together components and spacers.

Don't forget to add "Blue" Locktite to every  to every screw and or nut

The recommended 3S battery -

Or for maximum performance 4S is the way to go-

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CW Quadrotor parts

It does not take long before your Quadrotor looks like this. One point is that there is no reference, in the instructions, regarding the mounting of the tail boom.

Do not panic! It very simply just pushes between the two plastic plates and just "snugs" into position.

CW Quadrotor canopy

In this photo, you can see the foam canopy in position. It is held in place with Velcro and gives the quadrotor a reference point that helps with orientation, when flying.

CW Quadrotor circuit board

This is how the KK2 board is packed. Surrounded by foam is a good idea and the top of the packaging is the mount for the board.

The lower cable is for hooking up the DSM2 or DSMX compatible satellite receiver.

The other cable is a siren that could help find a lost quadrotor!

CW Quadrotor board mounted

Mount the board with the four buttons towards the rear. The supplied mounting tape securely "sticks" the board to the top plate.

Note that when installing plugs, the negative wire (Black or brown) should always be positioned toward the edge of the board.

The four buttons are used for programming.

Cw Quadrotor receiver

The satellite receiver has been mounted with double sided foam tape and plugged into the board. You can also see all four ESCs plugged into the correct connectors.

Note the incorrect lateral mounting of the lipo battery! (It should be mounted longitudinally) Note that the quad was flown with the battery in this position and it flew just fine with the forward balance point.

CW Quadrotor complete less canopy

Assembly is now complete! The props should be balanced, using clear tape on the lighter blade and programming completed.

The programming instructions worked out OK and very soon we were ready to fly.

This was an interesting build and was very easy to accomplish. Almost anyone with the minimum of experience will have no problem in building this quadrotor.

The VTquad is available as a full kit, where the only extra components needed are a satellite receiver and a 3S or 4S lipo battery.


Price of complete CWcopter VTquad full kit- $295.00 US plus $15.00 US for shipping.


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Solution Graphics

You can also buy an airframe only kit and add your own motors, ESCs and control board.


Price of complete CWcopter VTquad Airframe only kit- $99.00 US plus $15.00 US for shipping.


Safe and secure shopping with PayPal.

Solution Graphics

For full details of the kits and BNF version available-Click Here

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