The RC Fokker D7 by Hangar 9: 30-60cc ARF

This RC Fokker D7 can be powered for realistic scale flight (30cc)or as a fully aerobatic scale RC airplane(60cc). Either gas or electric motors can be fitted as all the parts are included.

RC Fokker D-7 flying by

Features of the RC Fokker D7

  • Made from laser cut balsa and ply. 
  • Lightened rear end to minimize amount of nose weight required.
  • Two-piece bottom wings with Aluminum tubes make for east transport and field assembly.
  • Sprung wooden tale skid.
  • Complete scale replica engine.
  • Shock absorbing main landing gear for this RC Fokker D7
  • Three piece topwing assembly
  • Detailed cockpit with a scale pilot and instrument panel.
  • Machine guns
  • A large top hatch gies easy access for battery removal and electronics accessibility.
  • 8"diameter scale wheels.
  • Functional tail flying wires.
  • Fiberglass cowl finished with matching colour paint.
  • Designed to accept gas/glow engines and electric power.(Parts for both included).
  • Covered in UltraCote.
  • Complete hardware package included.

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  • Wing Span-87" (2210 mm)
  • Airfoil-Semi symmetrical(Not scale but good flying characteristics!)
  • Flying speed-70 Mph Approximately
  • Assembly time- 20+ hours
  • Center of Gravity- 7" (178mm) behind leading edge of top wing
  • Completion level-Almost Ready to Fly ( ARF)

                    CONTROL THROWS

                          HIGH RATE

  • Ailerons- Up - 1-9/16" (40 mm)                               Down - 1-3/16" (30 mm)
  • Elevator-  Up - 1-31/32" (50 mm)                          Down - 1-9/16" (40 mm)
  • Rudder - Left/Right- 3-1/8" (80 mm)

                           LOW RATE

  • Ailerons- Up - 1" (25 mm)                                      Down - 1-3/16" (30 mm)
  • Elevator-  Up - 1-31/32" (50 mm)                          Down - 25/32" (20 mm)
  • Rudder - Left/Right- 1-31/32" (50 mm)

  • Engine size-30-60 cc Gas or glow
  • Weight-23-28 lbs (10.4-13 Kg)
  • Length- 72" (1829 mm)
  • RC Channels Required- 4 min.
  • Speed Control- 120 Amp
  • Motor size- 160-360
  • Prop size- 18 x 26 Gas, 20 x 10 Electric
  • Motor Battery- 10-12S 7000-1400 mAh
  • Receiver Battery- 2S 7.4V  4000mAh Lipo
  • Servos-Gas version -6.Electric -5. (Spektrum A6380s used on original)
  • Transmitter- Full range
  • Covering colours- Red, Black and White
  • Wing Area-2430 sq. in. (156.8 Sq.Dm)

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Parts Included

Hangar 9 RC Fokker D7 ARF Parts.

The above photo shows all the parts for this RC Fokker D7, as unpacked from the BIG box!

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Extra Items Required

List of items required for completion.

I have included this page from the manual but I know a lot of you will already have some of these items or prefer other brands. This at least will give you a good idea of the extra parts needed to complete the Hangar 9 RC Fokker D7.

Click on the above image to view a larger, easier to read, version.

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This is the original Horizon Hobby video and shows a lot of detail and excellent flying shots, including hovering (Possibly with the 60cc version).

Here we see the addition of a MR RC Sound sound system to one of the prototypes. 

The system was purchased from this website and details can be found here.

I was able to give a few tips on the installation. The sound selected on the video sounds more like a WW1 radial engine rather the the inline engine used on Fokker D7. I should point out that the genuine sound of the original is selectable via a switch on the sound unit supplied!

This video is air to air shots of one of the prototype RC Fokker D7s fling and doing some nice aerobatics.

The filming was done by Gary Wright of Horizon, using a Blade LRX and a GoPro camera. I think  Ali Machinchy was flying the Fokker.

This video shows some nice 3D style flying with a DA 60 powered version. This is definitely NOT scale flying but some people will appreciate it!

Notice that the scale tail skid has been replaced by a steerable tail wheel which could well be better for someone who flies from a hard surface runway.

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Hangar 9 RC Fokker D7 ARF

The manual is the usual comprehensive Horizon Hobbies manual. It is written in four languages and illustrated with lots of black and white photographs.

You can download a copy, in PDF format, by clicking here or on the above image.

One advantage of having your own PDF manual is that you can enlarge each page to make the text and photos easier to read.

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Photo Gallery

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I am including this list of Fokker D7 books that are available from Amazon. I always want to know more about the scale RC airplane I am building and I hope you will find this list useful.

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  • A fine rendition of an RC Fokker D7, that is very close to scale.
  • Excellent construction of laser cut balsa and ply
  • Superior covering in UltraCote.
  • Many scale details included.
  • Able to accommodate a wide range of gas engines or electric power.
  • Depending on power chosen, a nice scale performance or flight abilities approaching 3D maneuvering is possible.
  • Many replacement parts are available from Horizon Hobby.


  • Non-steerable tail skid, could make ground handling a challenge. 
  • Non scale straight rather then scalloped trailing edges on wings.

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Steerable Tail Wheel

It may be possible to adapt the Dubro Semi-Scale Tailwheel system to this RC Fokker D7.

Use the push pull system to actuate the tailwheel and then add a pushrod to control the rudder from the tailwheel arm.

I have used this idea on a few of my models and if I can help just contact me.

Scalloped Trailing Edges

Hangar 9 RC Fokker D-7:Modified Trailing edge
Hangar 9 RC Fokker D-7:Modified Trailing edge

Reading through the forum on "Flying Giants", there was a lot of discussion on the non-scale wing trailing edge. The full size Fokker D-7 used a wire trailing edge and after covering and doping it showed a marked scalloped effect.

One modeller modified the T.E, with a Dremel sander and filled and painted to achieve the results shown in the above photos. Take a look here for further information.

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The list price on this RC Fokker D7 30-60cc ARF 87" is $899.99

By clicking on theHorizon logo, you will be taken to the appropriate page on the Horizon Hobby site

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