Mr Aerodesign Fairey Swordfish 1/10 Scale Kit

The Fairey Swordfish is an easy flying and simple to build scale biplane of moderate size.

Mr. Aerodesign is a small Quebec, Canada company that  specializes in scale RC airplanes. 

Features of the RC Fairey Swordfish

  • 1/10 Full size.
  • Interlocking construction for the fuselage and wings.
  • Electric power.
  • Possible to convert to glow power.
  • Folding wings as per full size.
  • Balsa radial cowl.
  • 6 sheets of plans
  • All the wood required for construction.
  • Balsa and plywood laser cut parts.
  • All the hardware required.

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Fairey Swordfish

  • Scale: 1/10
  • Wingspan: 54.6" (1386.8 mm)
  • Length: 41.3" (1049mm)
  • Wing area: 777.3 sq. in.
  • Weight: 7 lbs 3.5oz (3.28Kg)
  • Wing loading: 21.39 oz./sq. ft.
  • Power: 30-40 glow
  • Motor: Power 32 or equiv.
  • ESC: 60A ProSwitch BEC Brushless
  • LiPo:3300mAh 4S 14.8V 20C
  • Prop: APC 13x6.5 E Thin
  • Channels Required: 4 min.
  • Servos: (4)  Mini torque min, 
  • Top wing incidence: +4 deg.(Scale)
  • Bottom wing incidence: +4 deg.(Scale))
  • Tailplane incidence: +3 deg.(Scale)
  • Bottom wing dihedral: 1.0 deg.
  • Top wing dihedral: 3.0 deg.
  • Right thrust: 0 deg.
  • Down thrust: 0 deg.

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Parts Included

All the balsa, ply and hardwoods for the RC Fairey Swordfish are included, as well as  detailed plans, laser cut parts and a full hardware package

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Extras Required

Nothing at all! Having said that you will need the usual building stuff like glue and sandpaper and of course a glow or electric power system. A reliable radio with 4 servos should complete things.

Covering material is required and a finishing procedure. I prefer the iron on coverings and will be using Oratex from Balsa USA.

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There are 6 sheets of plans, as shown below.

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RC Fairey Swordfish -1/10 scale. Hardware list.

This is a very comprehensive hardware package. It consists of the best quality Dubro parts and you should not have to buy a single extra item!

I started to add up the cost from Dubro  and was amazed when the total came to well over $150.00USD!

Videos & Photos

This is a very short video, but I think it is worth showing, because it does show the second flight of the RC Fairey Swordfish and shows that it does indeed take-of and fly well!

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  • Price of the kit is $622.95 CAD Plus shipping costs.
  • At current exchange rates-     ($1.00CAD=$0.81USD) $622.95CAD=$504.59USD
  • To Order click on the Mr Aerodesign logo or here to visit the page on Mr Aerodesign web site
  • On the site is an algorithm that will calculate shipping costs worldwide.
  • We are an affiliate partner of Mr Aerodesign and do receive a commission on any sale. but the cost to you remains the same.

Price of the complete kit, as described here, for the 1/10 scale Fairey Swordfish is $622.95CAD plus shipping cost

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