The Phoenix Spitfire ARF 50-61cc 1:4 3/4 scale

This large scale Phoenix Spitfire ARF is constructed of laser cut balsa and ply and covered with a printed heat shrink film, that has many scale details. Complete with air retracts and a detailed cockpit that slides and operable side doors.

This page is a collection of all the information I can find, from the manufacturer and distributor as well as reading all the forum comments I can find. If you have purchased this model then I would love to hear your comments! You can contact me here 

RC Phoenix Spitfire taking off.Up and away! Have a good flight!


  • Construction: Laser cut balsa and ply.
  • Covering: High quality iron on, with a matt finish and printed scale details.
  • Landing gear: Electric with CNC machined aluminum struts.
  • Wheels: Main 4.5"(115 mm) diameter and tail 1.8" (47 mm) diameter.
  • Wing: Two piece with aluminum tube.
  • Flaps: Split type.
  • Landing gear cover plates: Fiberglass.
  • Cowl: Fiberglass.
  • Spinner: Plastic 6" (150 mm) diameter.
  • Motor mount for electric version: Plywood construction.
  • Engine mount for gas version: Plywood with aluminum standoffs.
  • Cockpit: Detailed with instrument panel and painted pilot bust.
  • Canopy: Two piece with ability to slide open.
  • Cockpit doors: Hinged and open-able

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  • Wingspan: 95: (2420 mm)
  • Length: 86" (2177 mm)
  • Weight: 24.2lbs (11 kg)/26.4lbs (12 kg)
  • Wing area: 1488 (96
  • Wing loading: 37.68 oz./sq.ft.(115g/sqdm)
  • Wing airfoil: Naca (no number given)
  • Engine: 50-61cc gas 
  • Motor: Brushless outrunner, 2600-3000W, 190KV
  • Servo mount: 0.83" (21 mm) x 1.65" (42 mm)

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Photo Gallery

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Parts Included

Phoenix Models Spitfire 50-61cc
  • Completely finished and covered wings ( 2-panels)
  •  Completely finished and covered fuselage
  • Completely finished and covered  tail plane
  • Fiberglass cowl
  • Electric retracts 
  • Wheels-Main 4.5"(115 mm) diameter and tail 1.8" (47 mm) diameter.
  • Tank 24 oz(750cc)
  • Complete hardware package( All metric)
  • Manual
  • Spinner: 6" (150mm) diameter plastic
  • Injection molded cockpit details
  • Painted pilot bust.

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Extras Required

There is very few extras to buy! With electric retracts included, the Phoenix Spitfire ARF is a REAL bargain! All the  items listed here are from manufacturers or suppliers that I have used in the past, with good results, and I do recommend you consider them for this project.

  • Radio: A minimum of 6 channels are required. 8 channels are prefered to allow a separate channel for the separate aileron and elevator servos, with mixing function. If 6 channels are used then two "Y" leads must be used. 
  • Servos: Nine (9) standard size, high torque (Min of 100 oz. ins)- (2-elevator, 2-flap,1-rudder, 2-aileron, 1-throttle (Gas version only), 1-air valve control for retracts
  • Receiver battery: 6.0V NiMH, 2400mAh

Electric version

  • Brushless Motor: Great Planes Rimfire 50 cc or equivalent
  • ESC: Castle Creations Edge 160 HV or equivelant
  • Lipo battery: Two (2) 6S 5000mA
  • Propeller: 22" x 8"-26" x 10"

Gas version

  • Engine: 50-61cc gas 2-stroke
  • Fuel tank: If a replacement tank is desired then a 24 oz Dubro (DUBQ0224) with gasoline conversion kit (DUBQ0675) can be considered.

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This is the only video of the Phoenix Spitfire ARF. It  is of very good quality but the opening shot of a roll is maybe slowed down!

This is the official Phoenix Models video and as this model is still relatively new, I could find no more videos!

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Manual of the Phoenix Spitfire ARF

Before I buy a new plane, I find it very useful to take a look at the manual. Many questions can be answered by a quick scan.

This manual is easy to read and written in excellent English. There are no photographs, but a ton of clear 3D and 2D drawings, that will take you step by step through the assembly process.

Click here to take a look.

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  • Great value for money! Pneumatic retracts are included in the sub $700 price.
  • Sold by Tower Hobbies. Tower have been in business for a long time and have an enviable reputation for after sales service.
  • Spare parts are stocked by Tower
  • Finished cockpit with sliding canopy and operable side doors.
  • This is a completely finished ARF-no foam! 
  • Wing is in two parts, making transportation easier.
  • Fast field set-up

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  • Not perfectly to scale. In fact it is hard to understand which mark of Spitfire is modeled.
  • Wheel diameter looks on the small side.
  • The finish is fuel proof but be careful of some solvents such as-CA glue,CA accelerator,CA debonder and acetone, especially on the printed areas of the covering. Always check in an inconspicuous spot to be sure. 

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At this point,I can see no mods necessary. This may change as time goes by and more people have experience with the Phoenix Spitfire ARF. I will keep this up to date.

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Review Notes of the Phoenix Spitfire ARF 50-61cc

I was just checking the Tower Hobbies site and came across this review by a flyer from Frisco Texas. This is the first review i have been able to locate and it looks very favourable!

★★★★★★★★★★4 out of 5 stars.· Oct 5 2017  Phoenix Spitty

Great looking model. Went together well. Well worth the price. Flies well, lands easily. I think a DLE 55 RA would work as well (or better than the DLE 61). I used 61 with Pitts muffler and still had to chop up the cowl. Added 1 pound of weight up front - probably could have gotten by with a bit less weight. Retracts solid -- 3 flights so far - no major complaints. Oh, the spinner is plastic and vibrated badly, I threw it away and will buy a Dave Brown aluminum.

# Product Likes Price

 YesI recommend this product.

  • There has been some criticism of the shape and the fact that it is not a particular mark of Spitfire.
  • The wheels are on the small side.
  • Many like the value for money, when compared to it's competitors.
  • The plastic spinner is not very robust and I recommend it be replaced with an aluminum one.

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