Micro RC Planes: The E-Flite UMX Beast 3D BNF Basic.

Of all the micro RC planes, this scale RC biplane is a great flying miniature that is fully capable of the most advanced 3D RC aerobatics.

Micro RC Planes.

This micro RC plane is a scale biplane that can do a lot of 3D RC aerobatics and you can fly it in your own backyard!

It flies with the feeling of a larger scale aerobatic plane and with a wing span of 14.7" and a finished weight of 2.36oz it can be flown in a slight wind, or indoor RC flying, in a school gym or similar large area, can be a LOT of fun!

The UMX Beast was designed by Quique Somenzini, the international RC aerobatic champion, who was also involved in the design of the full size Beast and the Hangar 9 Beast 100cc giant scale RC biplane.

By the way, the UMX is an acronym for Unlimited Micro eXtreme, a range of micro RC planes available from E-Flite.

This micro Beast is of all foam construction and is 100% complete and ready to fly

Micro RC Planes

When you open the box you will find the completely finished and assembled scale RC biplane. The first class, black, red and gold paint job can be appreciated and the detail of the tiny decals add to the overall scale effect

The UMX Beast is equipped with the latest electronic unit from E-Flight, the AS3X. This scale RC biplane comes with an aft CG and large control surface deflections, yet the AS3X makes it easy to control and fully aerobatic when required.

Windy conditions are also smoothed out and complex programming, to achieve the ultimate precision and 3D aerobatics, are not necessary.

I am guessing here, but I suggest that some form of gyro is in use.

E-Flite Beast nose

Here we can see the nose hatch, that is held in place by magnets. This is where the lipo battery is stored and you can also see the outrunner brushless motor. This is a 180BL size RC electric motor of 2500Kv rating.

The scale shaped spinner is a nice touch.

E-Flite Beast wing wires

This photo shows the flying wires, that come assembled as shown. They are manufactured from carbon fiber and impart a lot of rigidity to the wing assembly.

Such rigidity is required for the extreme 3D RC aerobatics that the UMX Beast will be subjected to.

Carbon fiber is also embedded in the wings.

Micro RC Planes

The two aileron servos can be seen here. The upper wing ailerons are driven by push rods, connecting the lower surfaces to the top wing.

A pity that they are exposed like this! I would have preferred a non scale "blister" over the RC servo or why not mount the servos in the fuselage, similar to other micro RC airplanes?

Items Required to Complete this Micro RC plane

As this is a basic BNF model, then a DSM2 or DSMX compatible, 2.4Ghz RC transmitter will be required but just 4 channels are required to control the Beast. The AS3X System ensures that no special programming is required.

A lipo battery (2S 7.4v 180mAh) and a suitable charger are also needed


  • Great RC aerobatic and full 3D performance.
  • All the scale biplane details and great looks.
  •  Completely finished and ready to fly.
  •  Can be flown in your own backyard.


  • Some flyers complained about low strength and said it was was easily damaged, but I believe they were not experienced flyers.
  • High price for a micro.
  • The aileron RC servos should be protected and sealed from the elements.

This video, gives good detail of the model and also some nice flying shots. It is of the older Beast, that does not have the AS3X system installed.

This video is really about the AS3X system, but does include some flying shots of the UMX Beast with the system installed.

So if you are looking for a micro RC plane that is a scale biplane and capable of superb performance, then look no further!

Micro RC Planes.

The E-Flite UMX 3D Beast BNF Basic is in stock