The Hangar 9 Spitfire IXC 30cc ARF 81"

This Hangar 9 Spitfire is manufactured from laser cut balsa and ply and covered in  printed UltraCote, that gives a scale finish, with panel lines,rivets and a "soft edge" camouflage pattern. Accurately scaled to a size of 1/4.81.

Please note that that this model is now discontinued!

Photo Gallery of the Hangar 9 Spitfire 30cc

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Features of the Hangar 9 Spitfire

  • Construction: Lightweight balsa and ply.
  • Tail Surfaces: Airfoiled.
  • Outline: Accurate to scale.
  • Covering: Printed flat finish UltraCote with panel line detail and rivets
  • Flaps: Split type with internal linkage
  • Cowl: Finish painted and includes carburetor intake, compressor intake and molded engine exhaust.
  • Spinner: Painted aluminum-4 1/4" (108 mm) diameter.
  • Wing Cannons: Removable.
  • Radio Antenna: Removable.
  • Wing: Three -piece plug in on tubes.
  • Wing Radiators:Molded and finish painted.
  • Top Hatch: Magnetic retention and allows access to power switches.
  • Decals: Two sets provided.
  • Canopy: Painted one piece.
  • Hardware: Complete including U.S .sizes.
  • Rudder: Two scale types supplied (Rounded tip or pointed)

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  • Wingspan: 81 in.(2057 mm)
  • Length: 64.5" (1640 mm)
  • Wing Area: 1165 sq. in. (75.1 sq. dm.)
  • Weight: 16.5-18.5 lb.(7.5-8.4 kg.)
  • Wing Loading: 36.6 oz./sq. ft. 111/7 gm./sq. dm.)
  • Engine: 30-40cc 2-stroke gas, 1.80-2.10 4-stroke glow, 30cc 4-stroke gas
  • Motor: Power 160 or equivalent.

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Parts Included

Hangar 9 Spitfire IXC 30cc ARF:
  • Completely finished and covered wings ( 2-panels)
  •  Completely finished and covered fuselage
  • Completely finished and covered  tail plane
  • Fiberglass cowl
  • Canopy
  • Wheels-Main 4.25"(108 mm) diameter, scale tread and spokes.
  • Tank 18 oz (550cc)
  • Complete hardware package( Some U.S.sizes)
  • Manual
  • Spinner: 4.25" (108mm) diameter aluminum-painted.
  • Fixed landing gear (Retracts can be fitted)

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Extras Required

  • Radio: A minimum of 6 channels are required. 8 channels are prefered to allow a separate channel for the separate aileron and elevator servos, with mixing function. If 6 channels are used then two "Y" leads must be used. 
  • Servos: Eight (8) standard size, high torque (Min of 100 oz. ins)- (2-elevator, 2-flap, 2-aileron, 1-rudder,1-throttle (Gas version only)
  • Receiver battery: 6.0V NiMH, 2400mAh
  • Retracts: E-Flite 95 degree Main Retract is recommended (Horizon # EFLG625SP)

Electric Version

  • Brushless Motor:  E-Flite Power 160 Brushless Outrunner (245Kv) or equivalent
  • ESC: Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 120 HV 50V 120 Amp or equivalant
  • Lipo battery: Two (2) 6S 5000mA
  • Propeller: Electric 19 x 10E
  • Motor Mount: EP mount and tray set (Horizon #-HAN449518)

Gas/Glow version

  • Engine: 30-40cc 2-stroke gas, 1.80-2.10 4-stroke glow, 30cc 4-stroke gas

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This first video is well edited and of high quality. It shows field set-up well and the first 2 flights. Looks great! Landings were OK but need a bit more practise! ( Better than I would do!)

The heading says it is 1/6 scale. I think that 1/5 would be more accurate. According to my information, the actual scale is 1/4.81.

This next one is the Horizon Hobby official video. The music is very serious but it is a very good rendition of the Hangar 9 Spitfire.

This last one shows a Saito FG-30 Gas 4-stroke. Sounds very nice and the idle is impressive.

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Retracts: E-Flite 95-Degree 30cc Main Retract

  • Designed specifically for the Hangar 9 Spitfire 30cc.
  • All electric operation.
  • No air leaks!
  • No air pump required.
  • Needs just one receiver channel for operation.
  • Electronic control box allows up to 3 units to be operated. (Only 2 required for the Spitfire)
  • CNC machined parts constructed from high strength aluminum.
  • Stainless steel shock absorbing main struts.
  • Titanium axles provide high strength with less weight. 
  • No switches! All positions are sensed using overload protection.
  • Includes all the hardware and extension leads for installation.
  • Overload protection shuts off the unit if jammed.
  • Spare parts are available from Horizon Hobbies.

This video is very basic, but it does show the operation well. Gear doors are not fitted and there is no commentary or details of the hook-up. But it does show that these retracts do work!

These retracts are a well designed and constructed units. I found very few negative comments and they are as robust as any warbird retract. They do stand up well and are adequately mounted in the wing center section.

Full instructions are given in the manual for installation.

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If you are considering buying this Hangar 9 Spitfire then I think it is always a good idea to take a look at the manual. It gives you an insight into the construction and an indication of how much work is required to complete the project.

Take a look here to see the manual. It is 76 pages long as it is in 4 languages. However the English is very good and easy to understand and there are many photographs.

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  • Accurate scale shape
  • Superb covering in printed UltraCote, with panel lines and rivets as well as a "soft" edge to the camouflage pattern.
  • Can be glo, gas or electric powered.
  • Has been proven to be a good flyer by many reviews.
  • Ready for installation of retracts,
  • Split flaps
  • Two part wing makes for fast field assembly and easier transportation.
  • Spare parts are readily available-click here for more details. 
  • Reported excellent flying qualities.


  • Non scale tail wheel assembly.
  • No pilot supplied-In this price range I would expect a pilot bust.
  • No list of contents in the manual-takes a long time to find specific topics.
  • Rudimentary control panel.

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No major modifications were found to be necessary. (Hooray!)

The list below improves scale appearance only.

Please watch the weight of any accessories added and do make the effort to keep all components, especially batteries, as far forward as possible to minimize the addition of nose weight, to achieve the balance point.

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Review Notes

The vast majority of comments read were very positive. The quality of the kit was very good and the build was not a problem. The CG was OK, as mentioned in the manual and the flying characteristics were generally appreciated.

One problem mentioned was nosing over on landing. Retracing the flaps as soon as possible after landing and a lot of up elevator travel slowly applied on roll-out is a possible solution.

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Please note that that this model is now discontinued!

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