The Parkzone de Havilland Mosquito

The Ultra Micro de Havilland Mosquito is an RC electric plane, with two RC electric motors.

Parkzone Ultra Micro Mosquito

This new Parkzone RC airplane represents the latest technology. As the title suggests this is another in the Ultra Micro series. We have looked at the P-51 Mustang and the F4U-Corsair

The big difference here is that this is a twin engine Ultra Micro with contra rotating props!

This feature neutralizes the the torque generated and helps stabilize the flying characteristics.

With a wing span of 20.5" and a weight of 2.6oz. this model should be flown indoors or outdoors in very calm conditions.

It is only available as a BNF RC airplane, so you can use your existing 2.4 Ghz RC transmitter. This is a full 4-channel model, complete with a steerable tail wheel. The landing gear is removable by simply pulling it from it's friction mount, so this de Havilland Mosquito can be flown less the gear and it does look great!

The servos and ESC's are mounted , along with the 2.4Ghz receiver, on a common circuit board. Note that the RC electric motors are 8.5 mm coreless brushed and each drives a 3-bladed propeller.

This is the first in the Ultra Micro series to feature a clear canopy.

Almost all of the videos I have watched show this model flying at a very high speed. It certainly is fully aerobatic! I prefer to slow things down to about 1/2 throttle and watch some more scale like flying.

Now you can fly a twin engine scale model of the famous de Havilland Mosquito in your own back yard or even on your street, as long as it is calm and you do not have too many obstructions.

Videos of the Parkzone de Havilland Mosquito

The first video shows the un-boxing and the binding procedure but no flying. The Aussie chap making the film is very knowledgeable regarding Parkzone models and has a lot of good ideas to pass on.

This video does have some good flying shots-This looks like a load of fun!


This RC electric plane looks very well designed and constructed. I am not sure how long the brushed motors will last but replacement parts are available.

Sorry but this model is no longer available.
For details of a new RC Mosquito click here.

We will keep this page to assist our visitors who may be looking for this model. It is a shame that Horizon do not keep the models that are not that popular. 

I guess business is business and if it don't sell then dump it!