de Havilland Mosquito Gifts

Looking for de Havilland Mosquito gifts? Building a Mosquito? Advertise your latest project with this original art work memorabilia.

de-Havilland Mosquito

The Artwork used on these de Havilland Mosquito Gifts

All of the de Havilland Mosquito gifts on this page, feature the above painting.

This original artwork was painted for me by Kelsey Dixon. She is a full size pilot who finances her flying, partly from fees she earns from selling her art. I think she does a great job! I just supply her with the photos of an airplane I want to feature and give her an idea of the pose I would like and she very quickly comes up with results like this. 

The de-Havilland DH 98 Mosquito

The Mosquito first flew in 1941 and entered service with the RAF a year later. It was known as the "Wooden Wonder" or affectionately by it's crews as "Mossie".

She was built primarily of plywood and balsa, formed in molds. This was a big advantage in wartime, due to the potential shortage of aluminium.

Originally conceived as an unarmed fast bomber, the Mosquito was adapted to many roles and served through the war and after.

In 1941 she was maybe the fastest airplane in the World. 

Visit this page for details of an RC Mosquito, that I have built and flown and details of the full size Mossie can be found here.


All the de-Havilland Mosquito gifts shown on this page, are available from Zazzle.

Zazzle is a POD company. Now this is a new industry that, like almost all of the new digital, software based technologies is full of three letter acronyms!

POD means Print On Demand. One unique feature is it is financially viable to produce one off parts.

It uses a machine called a Direct To Garment (Or DTG for short!). This unit is like a large format Ink Jet Printer (IJP?!) with a flat table that slides into the machine, under the print head. The garment is quickly printed and then slides out. This is the same basic technology that is used in desk top printers.

For t-shirts a flat anvil is used for the table and the garment is stretched over this. For other parts different holding fixtures to suit the part being printed are featured.

The software used is RIP (Raster Image Processor). I promise that that is the last acronym I will use!

Ink technology has lately improved so that wash-ability is very high for all the clothing items available.

Zazzle absolutely promises 100% satisfaction or your money is returned, no questions asked.

If you wish to order any of the products  for the de-Havilland Mosquito gifts listed below, just click on the image and you will be transferred to the Zazzle page, where you will find all the details and you can expect your order to show up on your door step very quickly!

de Havilland Mosquito Gifts: T-Shirts

Maybe the most popular item that Zazzle produces. There are 162 styles, from short sleeves to long  and women's types are also offered. Material can be 100% cotton and a zillion different colors are possible. Just click on either of the photos below to visit Zazzle's site for full details on these de-Havilland Mosquito gifts.

de Havilland Mosquito Gifts: Coffee Mugs

Mugs are available in different sizes and styles as well as many colors.

Travel mugs and steins are offered and like all the de-Havilland Mosquito gifts offered, they can be custom printed by simply using the "Customize It"button.

de Havilland Mosquito Gifts: Aprons

Aprons are not only for the Kitchen! I use mine in the workshop and also at the barbecue.

Two side pockets keep things handy and the 35/65 cotton-poly blend is machine washable.

Available in different colors and 2 lengths as well as a kid's version. Made in the USA.

 Phone Cases

Why not protect your phone and make it look great at the same time.

Available as a "Barely There", 'Tough" and "Tough Extreme" styles. The names are self ex planetary, regarding their use.

A battery case for the iphone 6 is also available.

Mouse Pads

The standard pad makes a great de Havilland Mosquito gift and features-

  • 9.25in.x7.75in. o/all size.
  • High quality, full color printing
  • Cloth cover is durable and stain resistant.
  • Non-slip backing.

The gel mouse pad (shown on the right) -

  • Size-9 1/8in.x10 1/4in.
  • Has a gel-pad wrist support.
  • Similar other features as the standard pad.


Available with a change purse-good for guys as well as the ladies!

There are 8 different styles, featuring leather, faux leather,nylon and denim materials


Available round or square and in 3 sizes. Great for the fridge or filing cabinet. As with all the items they can be customized with maybe your friend's name.


For dining or display, these plates make an outstanding gift or buy them for yourself!

The dining plates are made from Melamine and the display plates are porcelain and have 2 holes in the back to facilitate wall mounting.


Every one can always use a key chain, especially if it features your favorite WW2 warbird!


You can buy posters, in any size, from 6"x 4" to 56"x 40". These posters use 'Value Poster Paper" that has a brilliant white background that gives great colors and non-fade capabilities

Note that frames are also feasible, in a number of styles and price ranges