RC airplane books: Design

RC airplane books are widely available, but books about design are sometimes hard to find. Here is a collection, from Amazon, that will save you search time!

My favorite RC airplane book 

Radio Control Scale Aircraft book

The book you see here is very old (My copy was published in 1980). I use this book every time I start a design process.

It is sometimes available as a used book and I strongly advise you to obtain a copy, as long as it is not too expensive!

It is a bit dated now, but a lot of the info will always be current and all the aspects of scale model design are covered, from choosing the subject, through the drafting process ( CAD is not even mentioned!), construction, covering and finishing and right through to the first flight.

All in all, it is a great book that you will be constantly referring to.

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RCadvisor's Model Airplane Design Made Easy: The Simple Guide to Designing R/C Model Aircraft or Build Your Own Radio Control Flying Model Plane 

Model airplane Design Made Easy book

How about that for a long title!

This is a 206 page paperback book that has some really good reviews.

It is becoming more of a challenge to find RC plane books about design. I guess the number of us who enjoy designing and building from scratch are disappearing!

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Model Aircraft Aerodynamics

Model Aircraft Aerodynamics book

This 344 page paperback is a MUST read if you are thinking of designing your own model airplane.

Many technical areas are covered in an easy to read and understand form.

Out of 35 Amazon reviews, the average was 4.5 stars!

You do NOT have to be a mathematician to understand this book.

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