Using Alclad for metal finishes

by Neil Makar
(Seabeck, WA)

I was reading your section on scale finishes, particularly the section covering FliteMetal. FliteMetal appears to be similar to BareMetal Foil, which I have used on plastic models.

The problem I have run into with BareMetal is that is can bubble as the materials underneath outgas. I would be worried that that would occur in the field as the aircraft is exposed to weather, particularly sunshine.

Have you ever used Alclad? Alclad is a lacquer,and goes on over a gloss base coat. It is not subject to bubbling, although it may also not be rugged enough for RC use.

Alclad has many different shades: Aluminum, Polished Aluminum, Duraluminum, Airframe Aluminum, White Aluminum, plus transparent colors such as blue and green just to name a few. So there's a lot of choice. But mostly I wondered if you've ever tried it.

Neil Makar
Seabeck, WA

Alclad website:

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