The Parkzone Ultra Micro Cub BNF

The Parkzone Ultra Micro Cub is a miniature version of the Piper Cub that can be flown indoors or outdoors, on calm days.

Parkzone Ultra Micro Cub

Ultra Micro Cub Description:

As the above photo shows, this is a miniature version of the ever popular Piper Cub. It can be flown indoors, in a gym or similar large area. Do not try to fly in your living room!  Out door flying is possible, but the wind must be close to zero, or it will be a problem, keeping the Cub under control and within eyesight

This is a 3-channel plane that is only available as a BNF model. The receiver is a 2.4GHz Spektrum DSM2 type and all it takes to get this model flying is to charge the supplied Li Po battery!

This could be considered a beginner RC plane, but the help of an experienced flyer would make success that much easier. For more information on RC planes for beginners, take a look at this page.

The  3 channels gives you proportional control, over throttle, rudder and elevator. No ailerons are fitted but the 3-channels gives more than adequate control and makes things that much simpler.

Please note that the Cub is a BNF model and as such no RC transmitter is included. A compatible Spektrum or JR 2,4 GHz DSM2 or DSMX transmitter must be "bound" to the included receiver.


The Cub is injection molded from foam and as such is quite robust. Repairs can be carried put with a foam safe CA. I would not recommend using any other type of glue as weight can build up very quickly. When repairs are not possible, then spare parts are readily available.

Kit Contents:

  • Everything required to fly, is included, apart from a transmitter.
  • Completely finished and assembled Ultra Micro J3 Cub.
  • Li Po battery.
  • DC charger.
  • Dry cells for charger.

Extra Components Required:

An RC transmitter, 2.4GHz DSM2 or DSMX compatible. Such as a JR or Spektrum.

Flying Impressions:

Any Cub is easy to fly. In fact there is a well known saying that "Nothing flies like a Cub" So despite that this is a semi-scale airplane, it is easy to fly. New pilots and the more experienced will enjoy flying this Ultra Micro Cub

Unfortunately this model is no longer available

CLICK HERE to visit the Horizon Hobby page and see if the spare part you need, for this plane, are still available.

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