7 Incredible RC T-Shirts for you or your friends

Cartoon or actual airplane RC T-shirts that can be customized to make a truly unique gift. 100% refundable if not completely satisfied!

Original cartoon, showing daydreaming flyer

Daydreaming flyer Zazzle T-shirt

This retro style "Ringer" shirt is back in style. The contrasting cuffs and neckline make this different to the conventional shirt.

Available in 9 different color combinations and 3 other styles, including the 'Basic" T-shirt.

Like all our products it can be customized to make it truly unique RC T-shirt!

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RC T-Shirts for the RC Flyer

Daydreaming RC Flyer T-shirt

This is not a mistake! The first shirt is not the same as this one! The addition of "RC" makes all the difference!

If you are a full size flyer and a model flyer then you can buy both!

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Daydreaming flyer

Daydreaming flyer T-shirt

This is the last in this trilogy of the original cartoon of the daydreamer. Hope his boss does not find him!

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Gloster Gladiator of 73 Squadron, RAF, 1937

Gloster Gladiator T-shirt

This is a great shirt if you are building an RC model of the Gladiator or are just a fan of the last biplane fighter in the RAF.

The actual airplane depicted is still flying at Old Warden in the UK and the colors used are those of #73 squadron in 1937.

The outline is CAD drawn from the same drawings that my own design RC model was designed. Click here for more details

Here is another of my Gladiator designs, featuring original artwork.

You can find many more of my T-shirt designs by clicking here to visit the appropriate page on the  Zazzle site.

Fairey Fantome side view and specifications

Fairey Fantome T-shirt

Built in 1935, the Fantome was, maybe, the most beautiful biplane ever flown. Only 4 were built, for the Belgian air force and it was evaluated by the RAF.

Unfortunately the design was obsolete as the monoplane fighters were in the early phase of development. This is another airplane, that I fell in love with and designed and built a 1/5 scale model.

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Fairey Swordfish

Fairey Fantome T-shirt

First flown in 1936, The "Stringbag" served throughout WW2. The sinking of the Bismark and the battle of Taranto ( where a large part of the Italian fleet were sunk) are the two most famous accomplishments. Slow flying and as stable as a rock were it's great attributes.

Its slow flight speed made it difficult to shoot down and it served long after it was supposed to be obsolete.

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